How to read books with Text to Speech on Your Android device

Why would you? Because then you can listen to books while doing the dishes, walking, cycling or any other times you might listen to music, and thus both help pass the time while also learning something.

Step one is to get Librera Reader from f-droid or playstore.

Then download an ePub of the file you wish to play.

Once it is open, I recommend “scroll mode” for default.
To play the book select the icon where a person had headphones on, it is second icon on lower lefthand side.

Then you can click play. It will you whatever your default text-to-speech program is, which is in your accessibility settings.

Personally I prefer e-speak ng (playstore) using the f2 variant. You can also regulate the speed at which it reads, I usually select the maximum, which for espeak is about 450wpm. But you may want to start with the lowest setting, and then dial it up based on what you are comfortable with.

There are many books you can download from zlibrary the epub and mobi formats can be read with text to speech, though the pdfs need to be converted.

Have fun! 🙏😊💚

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