Freedom vs Slavery in Canada

Now for the heart of the Freedom vs Slavery issue we are facing. Many of my family members were murdered, beaten, starved and-or put into forced labour camps by the National Socialist and Soviet Socialist parties.

It is said that if one does not know their history, then history has a tendency of repeating itself. So I will give a brief history recap:

19th century England was one of the cruellest places on Earth, cold hearted aristocrats filled the seats of parliament, and wanted nothing to stand in the way of their luxuries. By legislative means they forced agricultural people to go off their land into factories, women, children and men alike. Anyone who did not have a means of getting their own food was put into forced labour camps known as “Poor Houses” — similar to prison labour camps.

Stalin wanted to Industrialize Russia/Soviet Union, and England was the main industrialized country so he simply copied the English system. Instead of “poor houses” they were called Gulags. He didn’t really have innovations of his own, but he did practice the age-old Russian tradition of withholding food for groups of citizens he didn’t like as a form of forced famine. My babushka and her family ate potato peel soup as a main course and swelled up like those starving children in Africa. The only reason they managed to survive and not resort to cannibalism (as many others did), was that they grew potatoes on a tiny plot of land they had access to.

Similar to the age old English tradition of killing heretics and anyone who may differ in political viewpoint from the ruling class (fact-makers), Stalin rounded up intellectuals, religious people, and anyone else he felt was a threat and executed them calling them “enemies of the people”. Because my babushka’s father had been a priest before the Communists took over and made all faiths other than worshipping the state illegal, he was also executed. My babushka got a mark put in her papers saying she was a “daughter of an enemy of the people”.

Nowadays people who question the government/main stream narrative are not called “enemies of the people”, but rather they are called “spreader of lies and dangerous misinformation”. Sometimes as Mao liked to called them they are called “fascists”. Mao’s innovation on Stalinism was torture camps, which they now call “re-education camps” — it’s where people are tortured (electro prods, sleep deprivation, chanting party doctrine, forced labour etc) until they comply with the main stream narrative. Not everyone chooses to comply, and so they are tortured to death, and then their organs are given away to political party members.
“Witnessing History” by Jennifer Zeng is a good book from someone who went through such a re-education camp recently (link).

The (fascist) National Socialist party was funded by western plutocrats as a hedge against the Soviet Union, to recoup their investment the plutocrats hoped to make money on the Nazi slave labour camps. So while on the surface the plutocrats continued to make big money, in fact the government controlled how, when, by whom, and to whom everything was manufactured thus exercising all the powers of ownership of the means of production (the definition of socialism). This version of Socialism is in the west, known as Fascism. Currently in Canada we have a fully Socialist military (because the government has an absolute monopoly), and we have a fascist Eggs/Dairy industry which the government calls “supply management” — i.e. exercising all the powers of ownership.

When the Nazi’s occupied Ukraine my great aunt was the eldest in a family of 6 or so. One day her father went out to get groceries and he never came back. Several days her mother went to go look for him, and she never came back. She was 8 years old at the time, and once they had run out of food she gathered up the other kids, including the baby who she carried on a pillow and went outside to beg for food. The Nazis picked them up, separated them, and put her into a forced labour camp. She had to shovel manure to the point of exhaustion, one time she collapsed into a heap of dung, got an infection and almost lost her arm.
She worked for years, but eventually the war ended, and by that point she was already in Western Germany, and was able to flee to Canada. Later she sponsored my family to come here as well.

Here in Canada recently men in black who refused to give names or badge numbers associated with the Federal Government have started to take people against their will to undisclosed locations for indefinite periods of time. Much like the Gestapo they refuse to identify themselves as they know what they are doing is morally wrong. (See image attached about Chris Mathis’s wife abducted).

Since that time We’ve found out that it was not the AHS, but a federal agency, and she was being held at an undisclosed facility. Fortunately there was a large uproar and at least she has been returned to her family (video). But other people are also being taken against their will (video) and they aren’t getting the celebrity treatment..
Member of Parliament David Yurdiga has said “this incident goes against everything that makes us Canadians. We should demand far better from our government; to not even know where our loved ones are being held is a both a breach of government trust and a massive instance of state overreach.”

ICCPR Article 9.1 “1. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. ” What they are doing is ILLEGAL! They are charging people $666 dollars a day. Here Trudeau admits to it (link) 2000/3=666. This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen a Canadian Prime Minister do. There may have to be a class action lawsuit if this continues, everyone will have to get their money back, and extra money for the gross violation of their human rights and dignity.

For many years Canada was a country which had freedom and civil liberties, in political terms it was/is a Liberalist country (where people have Human Rights). Me and my family fled/moved to this country to avoid the horrors of Socialism. I know there is a lot of propaganda when it comes to socialism, so some people aren’t sure what it means, and often when faced with the reality they deny it. However the dictionary, atlases, academic papers, all speak in unison, Socialism is when the collective as represented by the Government owns the means of production, and makes all decisions. Academically Socialism is a critique of Liberalism (and thus anti-Human Rights). Social services like health care are implemented in a Distrbutist fashion since they are optional, hospitals govern themselves and alternative health is allowed. Nordic nations are Social Democratic (not socialist). While there are some surface differences between Socialism and Fascism, at their core their similarities are much greater, the Austrian School of Economics considers them to be equivalent as they both meet the definition of socialism (link).

We have many borrowings from China in Canadian culture, one of the most recent is an outward display of subservience to the state. This was originally pioneered during the Qing dynasty, where the Manchu invaders required everyone cut their hair in the same style as they had, or their heads would be cut off. It was a symbol that needed to be done repeatedly, as much of the head has to be shaved on a regular basis. Similarly now in Canada in many places try to force people to wear masks or they are denied basic services such as food — though thankfully due to our Canadian Human Rights Act we are still able to use religious exemptions and maintain our liberties (free exemption here).

Right now in Canada the Iron Fist is clamping down. From what I’ve been able to ascertain it is being led by the same people who literally and figuratively own the main stream media. There are 5 or 6 companies that own most of it (source) it’s a bit hard to keep track cause recently Disney bought FOX, then separated a bit. According to membership rolls they, along with Facebook and Google attend the Bilderberg group meetings.

The news anchors read the scripts, the journalists investigate what they are told to investigate, the script writer write what they are told to write. The “Fact Checkers” simply write articles which cite government or plutocrat approved sources furthering the official narrative — they never contradict the people funding them. We have to forgive them, as they are just wage slaves, not independent in any way, many suffer from Bandwagon Effect which is a Cognitive Bias. But it does mean that we have to do our own research and think for ourselves. If you have the opportunity feel free to remind anyone that there is no “limited liability” or “I was just following orders/the herd” in the afterlife/soul-world, there we have to live with ourselves and what we did, and how we contributed to the things that happened.

So I don’t know if Trudeau/Doug Ford are in the loop, or they simply going along with the narrative out of the sheer inertia. What I do know is that the main factor held in common amongst Nazi war criminals was cold heartedness.

What we can do, is open our hearts with forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all beings. Only through love and being kind to one another can we help our neighbours, police, politicians be loving and kind to each other and ourselves.

31.14 Questioner: I was thinking more of the possibility of the Orion group having influenced, say, certain members of the Third Reich who I have read reports of having sexual gratification from the observation of the, in some cases, the gassing and killing of entities in the gas chambers.

Ra: I am Ra. We shall repeat these entities had the potential for sexual energy buildup. The choice of stimulus is certainly the choice of the entity. In the case of which you speak, these entities were strongly polarized orange ray, thus finding the energy blockage of power over others, the putting to death being the ultimate power over others; this then being expressed in a sexual manner, though solitary.

In this case the desire would continue unabated and be virtually unquenchable.
26.38 “What these vibratory levels are seeking is green-ray activity.”

Quotes from the Law of One material (link). Orange ray refers to the orange chakra in the ab area and Green ray refers to the Heart chakra.

So these cold-hearted people, no amount of anger/fear can help them, because ultimately they are looking for love, and not finding, it and it makes them more frustrated and they hurt more and more people to get that momentary abdominal pleasure, and yet they still don’t get the satisfaction which only heart love can provide. While it may be difficult for them to accept love, it is not possible unless there is someone to give it to them. So by being beacons of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love we can help these spiritual children heal. Only by approaching them with a warm/open heart can you help melt their cold heart. I’ll expand on this at the end of the article.

Due to the Cancel Culture borrowed from the Maoist Cultural Revolution, where cold hearted people cut ties with those who could give them love. I’d like to bring up the possibility of having our own social media instances, since much like CCP controlled TikTok, Facebook is planning on removing “political content” from their platform (link).

Already many (Canadian) Conservative Facebook groups have been shut down, and the Green Party ones are no longer allowed freedom of expression — they ban/censor anyone who doesn’t go along with the mainstream story since Facebook gives them a hard time about it. And they (Facebook/Twitter etc) are only planning on clamping down harder.

So a local social media instance like Pleroma would allow us to express ourselves with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love for all beings without being banned/censored by the cold hearted.

There are already millions of people who are part of the “fediverse“, including some who allow people human rights. And since we can host our own, we can be as forgiving and compassionate as we like.
The one I’m aware of which allows free speech and is open for new members is (Notably for mature audiences only, many opportunities to practice forgiveness and compassion). Though you can of course host your own instance if you like.

But yeah, in any case practice empathy with meditation, open your heart, and practice loving kindness meditation. For example “May I forgive myself, May I have forgiveness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing, and gratitude”, then repeat for a close one, a stranger, a person you may have animosity/complicated feelings for and then for all beings. There are various groups in Canada who practice loving kindness. Here are two that I know of: Community Meditation, and Heron Croft Sangha, both are based in Ontario.

I also have an extended version of my own spin of Loving Kindness meditation available here:

Also can check out my main page which shares a vision of a Canada where we have open hearts, forgive, love and serve one another

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