How to Have Empathy and Compassion in Policing?

Hello most honourable and dearly respected friendly police officer,
Recently I had the occasion of hearing many questions from police officers of many departments[1]. I will get to answering them in a minute but first a little foundation.

To help co-create a peaceful jurisdiction we must first find peace within ourselves, and then we can emanate it outwards through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Firstly it is important to know that it is Lawful to have empathy and compassion, respecting and upholding Human Rights in the course of your duties.Each of you swore an oath of the form:”I solemnly swear that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge my duties as a member of the (insert name of municipality) Police Services Board faithfully, impartially and according to the Police Services Act, any other Act, and any regulation, rule or by-law. So help me God.”
The Constitution of Canada here takes precedence over other acts, and all is done with the help of God (who is Love and Light). Indeed the Police Services Act also calls on the Constitution which includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms containing many rights and liberties so you can feel safe in supporting and respecting any of them. If there is multiple ways of interpreting a lesser law, then the preference is always to interpret it in a way which is consistent with respecting the rights and freedoms listed in the Constitution. Notably the Constitution Act 1982 begins with “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”, meaning the legitimacy of the rule of law rests upon the supremacy of God.

Now for the answers to the questions about various barriers some police officers have found to conducting themselves with compassion.

One asked about the fact that some believe that acting with empathy is a sign of “weakness”, and that instead one should act with a machismo attitude showing “strength”.
The question is how: do we deal with this macho sentiment and help become a more compassionate police force?

This is a good question, now let me share with you a little story. One day I was swimming across the georgian bay and came out only in my swim trunks upon a group of drunk anti-fascists plotting to kill police officers. They wished to recruit me into their little conspiracy. I saw their pain, their fear, their anguish. Cornered and helpless little mice do bite even one much bigger than themselves. I said “this is not what we want”, their leader took offence, and pushed me, asking how I would defend myself in a fight. I forgave him instantly and said that usually I simply fall unconscious. At this he relented and decided not to fight me.
I then explained to them that the age of peace has come, and the first step to entering the new paradise is forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all beings. The leader acknowledged he was a believer in Jesus. I led them through a forgiveness and compassion meditation towards themselves, their close ones, a neutral party, police officers and then all beings. It took about twenty minutes.
The leader he had some more questions for me about how to interact peacefully with police officers, and I gave him many examples from my own life of peaceful interactions with police officers. Each time he would raise an objection in favour of violence, I would serve him more of the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator. After about half an hour of this back and forth he relented and agreed on peace and unity with creation. He then baptized himself in the waters of the Georgian Bay with me.
I followed up with them the following week and this time they were all smiles and laughter, planning to go on a fishing trip together to catch some salmon in the bay. They also drank less, and instead used cannabis which helped them be less angry and more calm.

Now I ask you, what was stronger here? The fear, anger, attempts at control through violence by the antifa group? Or the forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love of the One Infinite Creator as manifest through one of the devoted lovers of God? Oh how God did help me and my whole community in becoming a more forgiving, peaceful and compassionate place. 

Note however you may choose to name God, Allah, Gitche Manitou, Sat Nam, Brahman, Creation, we all speak of the same One Infinite Creator, for there is not more than One. The Confederation of Planets who in former times were known as angels, generally refer to God as One Infinite Creator, or the Original Thought, and remind us that we are all One being. Science has shown that we are in an open system, like in Buddhism it is the understanding that everything is part of an independent whole which upon closer examination is mostly emptiness a more amenable way to think of the One Infinite Creation for atheists.

The next question that arose from one of the police department heads about his officers is “how can they beat the personal and professional stress, and maintain alertness, calmness and joyfulness at the same time?”.

The simplest answer to this is meditation.
In particular if someone is in a state of fear or anger, they are cut off from their higher cognitive function, and are unable to think rationally, there are many hormones coursing through their veins which are in themselves painful as the body optimizes for a fight or flight response. The macho attitude unfortunately puts people in this same state as many of the people they are trying to help, and truly it is a great weakness to be so cut off from both one’s mind, and one’s heart, it leads to weak decisions and unfortunate outcomes. Stress is a result of being in such a state for a prolonged period of time.

If one finds oneself in such a state the remedy is kindness, and gentleness with the self as expressed through a slow breathing, calming the self, and being compassionate to oneself for having some difficult emotions. It may be a good time to stand down and take a breather, until one is again calm and with an open heart — which can take great strength and courage, as indeed it takes much practice and patience. It is a true strength to be calm and centred. As the greatest samurai warriors can attest, it is out of great calm and poise that one wins and stays alive, as anger dulls the senses, and makes the blade quiver.
If you’re itching for a fight, or your hands are shaking, then more meditation needs to be had. I know it’s hard, and takes great strength and internal fortitude, but with the will, love, grace and help of God, all can be accomplished.

A constable asked “Considering that police have a monopoly of force, and responsible for insuring to citizen uses violence against another citizen, and police officers may use force, can a police officer profess non-violence?”

In creation everything is possible, even if at times not the most probable. However in the course of their duties already a majority of officers find a way of minimizing use of force to an absolute minimum. When you have cultivated that inner stillness and loving kindness in meditation, you are generating an energetic field from your heart detectable by science. Indeed research indicates that the energetic field and cognitive patterns with the most coherence ends up becoming the dominant pattern in an area, even if the participants are in separate rooms and can not see nor hear each other.

So if you cultivate this great coherence this attitude of a Peace Officer, one that bring peace with them wherever they go, with forgiveness and loving kindness, seeing the spark of divinity within all of God’s creation, then it shall be reflected back at you. And through exchanges on both the energetic and dialogue level can come to a resolution which helps all parties feel at peace. When you feel that the energies in a group you have joined are becoming more tense, if there is more fear/anger within them, then slow your breathing and tap into the heart let it shine, feel free to ask the participants to join you or at least have a brief intermission while the energies are re-calibrated. 

That said, you are forgiven and loved unconditionally, we are all perfect in our imperfection.

The next question was “why does mankind sometimes become the enemy of humankind?”

The simple answer is due to looping within a fear/anger/control mentality, which separates self from other self, and thus leads to suffering of all parties involved.
When one is in a space of impartiality (as per your oath) or equanimity as in its divine form, then one is blessed to see things as they are, from a calm and compassionate state of mind — a state where one is not perturbed by calamity, but rather one is moved with compassion. When one operates with that divine love and awareness then one can fully support the Constitution, Charter of Rights and rule of law as God intended.

A member of a Police foundation asked: “by the very nature of their job they are exposed to the dark underbelly of human behaviour, in the face of that, in the constant exposure to this, how does an individual maintain empathy, positivity and faith in the preternatural human being?”

It is a deep practice, one that is foundational to our experience here on Earth. For each catalyst/experience that we have an emotional response to there are three main options:
1. repress the emotional experience and hurt yourself inside.
2. use fear and anger in an attempt to control the situation.
3. use forgiveness and compassion to distill the love and light from the situation and come to a greater acceptance, love and understanding of God’s creation.

The first option generally leads to an early death. The second option one may live a little longer but in near constant strife. And in the third option can be very hard, it requires great strength, courage and spiritual maturity.

At this time in God’s creation on Earth, the catalyst is piling at a fast rate, any which you have not acted on is hurting you inside and you may attempt to distract yourself with cinema or other entertainment to “get away from yourself” but you really can’t, it haunts you. And sometimes the culprit is missing or dead and no amount of fear or anger can lead to a resolution. So you are left with only the highest path, the path of service to others and knowing yourself and One Infinite Creator more deeply through meditation and being compassionate to self and other.

The beauty of God’s way is that once you’ve learned to forgive and be compassionate to one “dark undercurrent” of creation, then you gain a total awareness and understanding of it and the people within it. Allowing you to resolve all future conflicts or “tense situations” with said undercurrent using greater ease and grace. You become as a hot knife slicing through butter, your light shines so bright that all the darkness is dispelled, and you see only the utter truth with clarity.

Another asked: how to deal with officers who take out their anger on the citizens?

With forgiveness, and compassion, love and understanding. They are suffering and in pain, they were hurt by themselves or others and are trying to make the pain be less. They do not need harsh words or criticism that come from a place of fear/anger in an attempt to control their behaviour, for that will only make it worse. Yes some time on the bench may be warranted, but also a loving atmosphere, one where they can feel safe working on themselves through meditation and dialogue with a loving and understanding partner.

One of the issues that arise with masculine energies is the desire to “fix” the problem, and always be offering solutions as soon as their partner states a difficult emotion or feeling they are going through. Sometimes that is not the right call, but instead to take a more receptive approach, and practice something like Active Listening, a practice whereby one simply repeats back what they understood of what the person said, acting as a sounding board or mirror, to help them understand themselves more.

Each case is unique, and if you are unsure, the best is to meditate, open your heart and reach within to the inner stillness and let the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator provide you with an answer. Sometimes the answer is very quiet, but it always comes.

Another question from a professor of criminology: “In many cases jail does not reduce criminal behaviour. How can we help to prevent recidivism and reduce crime?”

Much of the kind of crime which the regular police forces is involved in is a result of people not having their basic needs met, not having the skills to deal with their own emotions, and-or simply not knowing any other way to live.

There are limits to what a police officer can do in this regard, but approaching people in a space of love certainly helps makes people more amenable to to being helped and putting one in a sate of being of service. For example if someone is struggling with food or rent and resorting to petty crime to get them then getting them a social worker who can help with that is of benefit. If they are having problems dealing with their emotions, can give them a tutorial or direct them to a local group (meditation group, mental health centre or place of worship) you are aware is competent.

The main thing for meeting basic needs of the members of our society is mostly a shift in consciousness where we learn to be kind and love each other from our hearts as God intended. Allah is the most merciful and most compassionate, And Jesus said “love God with all your understanding, and love your neighbour as yourself”.
Now there is a forgiveness, loving kindness meditation which may help yourself, our country and planet make this shift.
First starting with the self can say together or individually:
“May I have forgiveness,  wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.”
Then pick someone close to you, like your spouse or your partner:
“May my close one have forgiveness, wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.”Then pick someone you have neutral feelings towards, like a cashier or passerby:”May that neutral person have forgiveness, wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.”Then pick someone you have complicated feelings towards, perhaps someone you feel wronged you, or who you don’t understand. Common examples being an ex, a criminal or a politician. “May that complicated person have forgiveness, wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.”And now finally for all beings:”May all beings have forgiveness, wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.”

Thank you for your time and patience,
may you be greatly rewarded in this life and the next.
Hatonn, Confederation of Planets, LLResearch 1986/03/02

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