Seven Hurdles to Loving Kindness for All Beings

Greetings in our shared peace and wisdom. The way forward for a satisfying life is being empathetic and compassionate to yourself and those around. Here are some common stumbling blocks some people run into, but while you can sit on one as long as you want, can also just as easily move on and start travelling again.

The First Hurdle (obstacle to compassion for all beings): Humanist Materialism or Denial of the Mind/Spirit

Humanist Materialist belief system (Sometimes called “Atheism”/”Realism”/”Physicalism”/”Worldliness”) consists of worshipping of the human body, or the physical illusion while disregarding the mind, or losing oneself in constant physical distractions thus neglecting to spend time in the mind through meditation or prayer. It is an obstacle because it denies the spirit which unites us all. Another obstacle is that focusing on the outward appearances seems to indicate that we have a high degree of separateness, though when you look inward you see our similarities.

For people skeptical of paranormal phenomena as a remedy can read “The Noetic Universe” by Dean Radin (link). It is a skeptic’s introduction to the science of the paranormal and how both business and science has accepted the paranormal as fact and what changes we may see as it becomes mainstream. It talks about how for decades studies on the paranormal have been published in peer reviewed journals, refining the scientific method with ever more exacting standards, even including qualified sceptics in the experiments to observe and monitor everything, and still paranormal phenomena was clearly demonstrated. The sceptics that had a religious/rigid Humanist Materialist stance, decided to maintain it, otherwise many sceintists, businesses, and governments make copious use of paranormal phenomena cause it’s a great labour saving device to connect to the emptiness which connects you to all creation within you.

The main issue with Humanist Materialism or whatever you want to call it is a denial of spirit and thus a denial of the ability to gain love and information (light) through meditation/prayer (i.e. remote viewing, channelling, spirit communication etc) (Matt 12:31-32). Such a restriction may prevent one from seeing the unity in all that is and thus forgiving and being compassionate to all.

Certainly we need to respect, forgive and love all belief systems as each is a different exploration of one infinite creation. As long as you are allowing the option of completely forgiving all beings (including plants, animals, planet and all of one infinite creation), then by all means, the rest of the article will still benefit you.

“The first gulp from the glass of natural science will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
— Werner Heisenberg, awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physics for the creation of quantum mechanics.

True and false are relative notions. Reality is dependent on what a group of beings believe. Science has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that we live in an open system, meaning that effectively we are all one being, and one type of substance. Since you are conscious, that substance is mind. And rocks, wind, plants, animals, and everything down to a proton is provably conscious by Integrated Information Theory (IIT). The same applies to sub atomic particles, so fundamentally everything is Light (awareness) bound by Love (Law of One Lo1 15:22).

“when the solution is simple, God is answering.”

— Albert Einstein, discoverer of E=mc^2 and author of the theory of relativity.
E=mc^2 Energy equals mass times speed of light squared. Means that all matter if you break the bonds of love that hold it together turns into light/energy.

If you love God (Jesus Matt 22:37) or Allah the Most Merciful Most Compassionate (Quran 1:1) or Avalokiteshvara Buddha or Gitche Manitou or Brahman or Sat Nam or any of the other many names of One Infinite Creator and love every facet of “His” Creation with every fibre of your being then you’re well an your way to entering the Age of Peace, as promised in Genesis (Gen 3:22) for you have overcome the stumbling block of “good and evil” and chosen to be good (Quran 4:36). If you think these are “Gods” and yours is somehow better than “theirs” or believe in multiple gods then you may have gotten into the stumbling block of polytheism or multitheism. At the very least forgive and be compassionate to others even if you think they may be “confused”, for one would not wish to be a stumbling block to any on their journey (Matt 18:7). Feel free to make up your own mind about all that is.

Second Law of Thermodynamics: Soul

The second law of thermodynamics states that the amount of information (entropy) is always increasing, and thus no information can even be lost. For example if you have some experiences in your life, the information you have gained throughout your life can not be lost, it also can not become fragmented as that would have a similar effect, instead it goes on as your soul, and generally reconnects with your higher self.

The Hindus consider the soul to be a fragment of God which is unalterable that they call atman, while the Buddhists consider the soul to be ever changing and call it anatta, in fact both of them are correct, as the original spark always stays, and the accumulated information stays, but at the same time new information is always accumulating, and there may be a restructuring of the information as new ways of understanding are achieved so there is change over time. For simplicity we will call both these concepts soul.

Membrane Theory or String Theory: the Galaxy Cosmos game

As the Hindu sages have told for eons, the world is comprised of vibrating strings, rediscovered by none other than a large number of theoretical physics experts. So there are several ways of looking at the membrane of which we are all comprised. One of the most pressing questions in String Theory is that it would mean there is super symmetry, and they wonder why we don’t have as much anti-matter here as matter. For that answer to that my brothers and sisters, is that there a very large number of universes, with all possible combinations of fundamental constituent elements.

M-theory says there are at least 10 dimensions in this universe, so 3 dimensions of space/time, as the “strings” can only form knots in the lower 3 dimensions, the rest are dimensions of time/space which are navigated through conscious awareness, such as via decisions we make about our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This has been verified by the “top secret” military time travel experiments such as Philidelphia Project, Montauk Project, Project Pegasus among others, they all discovered that time is multi-dimensional, they even revealed their findings in an Avengers movie in order to help the multi-dimensional time understanding go mainstream in the Earth mindstream.

In fact galaxy cosmos is just one of the bigger games that we souls play. After the game, all that matters is what you learned, how much you learned to love, how much you learned to forgive. Lots of sources for this such as with the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and Dolores Cannon, and LLResearch. While the galaxy cosmos game we are playing is measurable the Creation it is nested within is effectively infinite, thus everything one can imagine exists within creation, even if not necessarily within this cosmos.

Like if you stop to look around in the soul world, (since a part of our souls the “higher self” is always residing in it, and only a part of us incarnates in the flesh) and especially via the World of Mountains, you start to get a grasp of just how many ways of being and existing there are. The World of Mountains is an “artificial universe” wherein various civilizations share a mountain with it, and this universe has a two dimensional floor, upon which there are bridges. There are many mentions of this in various works of fiction as well, where you walk into a portal, and you end up in a hallway with paths that lead to different places in conceivably. And as you recall while you may be in a different time-space timeline or space-time location, whatever your locus, everything one can imagine, one can also “get to”, as it is conceivable and everything is mind. You can sense some space/time location in time/space, and then you can align your thoughts/feelings/words and actions and “go there” or at least to an approximation of it, as there is an inherent mystery to the workings of creation, especially from this density (if you’d like to know more about time/space (love/light) space/time (light/love) density click here).

Each of us on Earth is on a journey of forgiveness and love as we are part of planet surface in fourth density service-to-others. A body is a piece of dust on a planet, in a vast cosmos, within an infinite creation.

Second Hurdle: Polytheism, Multitheism.

Now it seems there are many entities in this creation, however one of the hurdles people come across on the path of forgiveness and compassion for all beings, is appealing to external entities, or clinging to a separation of self and other, or that there are multiple gods, or that one name/emanation of one infinite creator is better than another.

“is true polytheism—the belief in many gods, each controlling or directing a facet of the creation—a stumbling block to the understanding of the unity of all things?

“Q’uo: I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. For some entities, this may, indeed, be true. For other entities this may be a portion of a path in which the many become seen as moving into shared regions of experience and, shall we say, provenance of expression of qualities, thus giving those worshipping such entities a larger point of view so that there is seen to be a conglomeration of qualities of each being that may be shared by more than one being so that this path of conglomeration or addition to each theistic being more qualities, thus eventually reaching the unity of all theistic beings in the expression of oneness, so that what was seen as various kinds of gods, may be seen as facets of a jewel that reflect portions of the unity of the One Infinite Creator.

“However, this is not a path which is travelled by all which have the polytheistic view of the creation, for many who have this view are so entrenched in the view that they gain from those who remain with that view that they, too, hold. Therefore, being a kind of priest of a certain god, then, would require that those who follow that god remain true to their strict apprehension of the unique qualities of that god. However, there are, within each type of religious expression, those entities which, by nature, have some kind of intuition within their own being that leads them to the conclusion that there is another path to travel that is more inclusive and less exclusive than that which is promulgated by those who are priests and who have, what you may call, the rule over those who are the followers.”

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 2019/11/09

Note the polytheistic quote above applies to some people who may “think” they have a religion of One god, but in fact they believe that their God is better than someone else’s, thus indicating polytheistic or multi-theistic expressions.


“that energy which claims to be monotheistic, claiming to be one God; and yet which, by its very definition, can not be monotheistic in that it states it is a God of one nation. If there is a God of one nation and not of another, then, quite obviously, it is part of a multi-theistic system, or a system of more than one God”

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 2004/10/03

When you recognize that we are all part of one infinity, that God created all that is, then you realize that we are all simply using different names for the same One Infinite Creator, the same Original Thought, Original Truth.

“There is a Buddhist teaching that one must not mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself. All religious systems of thought are fingers pointing to the moon. The Dharma is not the [Original] Truth; the Bible is not the [Original] Truth; the Koran is not the [Original] Truth.

“To bow, chant, bind one’s head and arm or face east in prayer are not [Original] Truth. They are all fingers pointing to the moon.

“As you regard these “fingers,” these paths, one will speak to your heart. It will call you to focus your attention in such a way that you finally begin to look beyond the finger and clearly see That to which it points. Then you will have found Truth. You will continue to have deep love and respect for the religious path that allowed you to see Truth, but you will know the difference between the path and the destination.”

Aaron, Ascended Master,
Aaron Channelings by Barbara Brodsky

Invocation of the Age of Peace (New Age Sylvan Timeline)

Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. The Age of Peace has come and the first step to entering the new paradise (New Age Sylvan Timeline) is to open the heart centre which feels like forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love for all beings which helps one love others more than self becoming Service To Others (STO). Or as Jesus called it the right hand path (Matt 25:43-40). Dolores Cannon put thousands of people into trances accessing their subconscious or the Holy Spirit within them uncovering much knowledge and found we have many souls that have come to Earth to help transition us to this Age of Peace (New Earth). Ra (a group of souls from Venus) and the Confederation of Planets mention that we are transitioning into 4th density, the density of Love and Understanding (link). Scientists have future progressed thousands of people into the 2100-2500AD time frame and found an optimal timeline with longest life expectancies and subjective ratings of wellness they refer to as the “New Age Sylvan Timeline” (Mass Dreams).
Absolutely all of them agree that the most critical component is heart activation to open and maintain activation of the heart can practice loving kindness meditation.

Jesus said the commands upon which all laws hinge are to love God with all our understanding and thus love our neighbours as ourselves (Matt 22:36-40, Mar 12:28-33), also that we are to forgive others (Matt 6:14-15) Love everyone and send them blessings (Matt 5:43-48) — which is known as loving kindness meditation.

The Left Hand Path (Matt 25:40-46) or Service-To-Self (STS) try to control people with fear and anger (Lo1 46:9). The undecided are asleep, or still deciding. The Right Hand Path (Matt 25:34-40) or Service-To-Others (STO) use forgiveness and compassion to accept, love and understand all beings as one infinity (Lo1 46:9). The undecided will continue to repeat the third density cycle where they may be loved or hurt seemingly at random since they are surrounded by other undecided people until they themselves follow through with a decision to graduate. To graduate STS: 95%+ of one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions must be self-serving (Lo1 17:32) and they must activate and maintain their intuition, and have a completely closed/cold heart. To graduate STO: one must activate and maintain their heart open, and 51%+ of one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions must be of the nature of serving others (Lo1 17:33) (inspired by the Love and Light of One Infinite Creator radiating from heart) in STO path one can activate any chakra (including intuition) so long as they maintain heart activation.

If you find yourself experiencing unpleasant emotions of fear and-or anger (they are bad for health (link)), then it is a sign that you have an opportunity for a self-compassion meditation to help yourself feel better, so that you can re-connect with your higher cognitive function and respond with forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness and acceptance (Lo1 46.9). After you have practice with this compassionate practice towards yourself, you’ll be able to be compassionate to people who may express fear and-or anger towards you, and also help them feel better and respond with loving kindness.

Third Hurdle: the Lawfullness of Forgiveness and Compassion

In order to forgive and love all we need to have a foundation to understand that it is lawful to do so, because some (unpolarized and-or service-to-self) people have reservations, and think there are “exceptional circumstances” where it is preferable to be angry or fearful and hurt others in order to attempt to alleviate the anger or fear they are feeling inside.

Free will is utterly paramount to the workings of creation (Lo1 72:7), and a service to others society (Lo1 65:13-14).

Free will is protected by various Human Rights treaties of the world (ICCPR, ICESCR). ICESCR Article 1.1 “1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. ” Article 1.2 ” In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.” Article 2.2 “2. The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to guarantee that the rights enunciated in the present Covenant will be exercised without discrimination of any kind as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”

“we say to you, my friends, that there is a greater law. And it is a law that extends beyond man’s concept of law. It is the law of the original Thought. If you could understand the original Thought, you would know what there is to know, and your soul would no longer journey, it would no longer seek, nor harvest, nor share. For it would be one with all seekers, all harvesters, and all sharing. If you could understand the original Thought you would be love. You would not be seeking love. The original Thought is within you. It is not without you. When you look at the world with the original Thought in your heart you can see love. If you look at the world without the original Thought you can only see the illusion of disharmony, and naturally you will desire to ease the situation by using laws. But when you understand the original Thought, you find yourself viewing this same world with eyes that see love.
And thus, without any reason or logic, you discover that you have a faith. It is not a faith that all will work out according to the desires of any one lawmaker. For indeed, in any particular illusion, what can any one person know about the ultimate necessities of each person within that illusion or experience? You cannot have faith that there will be peace. You cannot have faith that there will be harmony. You can only have faith that each person will have what he or she need.
Each entity will experience what they must experience in order to have the opportunity to grow spiritually. There is no other reason for this existence. The rest of your existence is written on the wind and will vanish. As it is written in your holy works, “Like the grass of the field, you will wither.” But the soul does not wither. And it uses each moment of your existence in attempting to understand and to grow closer to the original Thought.”

Latwii, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 1980/01/06 (link)

Fourth Hurdle: Fear/Anger & Aversion

One of the barriers to forgiveness and compassion in contemporary society is people who have complicated feelings about disease, and feel they need to use fear and anger to force others into compliance with their beliefs so they themselves can feel better. Notably allopathic (western) medicine exclusively treats symptoms, which it is quite capable of doing, however it generally does not address the causes which we will address herein. For example germ-theory does not explain the difference between asymptomatic and symptomatic people, however spirituality does. In many cases treating the symptom is an important part of the healing process such as with traumatic injuries (broken bones, wounds, etc), or with symptoms which are life threatening — to give a person the time and emotional support to heal the spiritual cause of the symptoms.

To help break barriers to compassion (where people are afraid or averse to sick people or diseases) we will dive into understanding of the spiritual causes of disease and how it may be healed, considering that we are all mind/spirit and the physical is simply an illusion that manifests disease when there is a blockage to spiritual growth. Note that if someone is sick, then hurting them with blame isn’t going to help, but rather being forgiving and compassionate and providing the support they need to heal themselves.

Christ said we are healed through faith: Matthew 15:28 “then answering, Jesus said to her, `O woman, great thy faith, let it be to thee as thou wilt;’ and her daughter was healed from that hour.”

Myriad sources indicate that the mind is the most important element of health, as people can literally kill themselves with fear(source) or heal from traumatic injuries thought irreparable through love of life.

“Ra mentioned in 34.7 that ‘These so-called contagious diseases are those entities of second density which offer an opportunity for this type of catalyst. If this catalyst is unneeded, then these second-density creatures, as you would call them, do not have an effect. In each of these generalizations you may please note that there are anomalies so that we cannot speak to every circumstance but only to the general run or way of things as you experience them.’ And S. continues: So it seems that in cases of anomalies, even if the catalyst is unneeded, these second-density creatures can still have an effect. I just wonder if SARS is one case of anomalies, since SARS can be regarded as a biological weapon, according to Q’uo. If so, is it always possible for those infected with any man-made virus such as SARS to nullify its effects and heal themselves? I ask this question just for the purpose of encouraging hope and faith in these cases of anomalies.”
Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would agree that for the conscious seeker of truth who finds the spiritual path to the One to be the only path worth traveling, this type of virus can be seen as a mere rock upon the path that may be avoided by seeing the One in all and loving the One in all, no matter what is the action of any upon one, as attempts are made to control one. If one can give love without expectation of return, and resist not evil, then one has a power over evil which cannot be broken. It is the power of love, the power to cure all that is unwell, to make whole all that is broken, and to bring to light all that is hidden.

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 2020/02/08 (link)

The lungs are vital to the survival of the body. The respiratory system brings the necessary gases into the body to be transported by the blood to all of the cells. Without the ability to bring the air (or oxygen) into the body, the body would die. Because of how the lungs work for the body, it is easy to understand their metaphysical meaning for messages received.
Lungs represent the “breath of life.” Being in the “flow of life.” Problems with the lungs indicate a fear to “live.” A loss of joy in one’s life. There is no life in your life. You are trying to stop life. In other words, you do not want to live.
Lung cancer – anger at a life situation. Not wanting to live.
Sinus issues – Problems, especially pressure, in this area indicate pressure from someone very close to you. I have always found it to be from the person closest to you – yourself. In other words, the pressure is self-inflicted. Maybe you have deadlines in which to complete projects and you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get them done, this can then manifest as pressure “in your face.”
Colds/Flu – you are being indecisive about something and you need to make a decision. You are trying to delay the action. This is also a way to force you to rest.
Asthma – (constricts the flow of air) – being restricted; feeling smothered by individuals or situations; not being allowed to “breathe.” Many times you will find the cause or link to asthma in a past life. It will usually be from the way you died in another life from strangulation, drowning or other type of asphyxiation and carried over the residue from that death. Once the association is found, the asthma will disappear.”

Excerpt from “Soul Speak” by Julia Cannon, book based on thousands of cases.

It goes to show that most health problems have a spiritual root cause and cure, for many ailments an acceptable answer is mindful awareness, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for self and others — which may be much easier said than done.

Everyone is responsible for their own health and well being, as we each of us is one infinite creator. No one can diet, exercise, meditate or do the spiritual work necessary to maintain health on your behalf.

Health Tip, do forgiveness loving kindness meditation daily:
May One have forgiveness, wholeness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unconditional love, fundamental wellbeing and gratitude.
Then one will be inspired by loving kindness and the Love and Light within to be of service to One Infinite Creator, and indeed all Creation.

Now you may be wondering why there is so much fear/anger regarding COVID19, and the answer lies in a book recommended by Bill Gates called “How to Lie with Statistics” by Darrel Huff, it is fairly short but does cover two of the main strategies being used:

  1. reporting the Case Fatality Rate instead of the Infection Fatality Rate. Since confirmed cases is always lower then actual infections it is a misleading statistic. For example symptomatic CFR for non-HIV tuberculosis is 43% (link) but 1/3 of humans on Earth are infected (link) vast majority are asymptomatic infections. The difference between a symptomatic and asymptomatic infection is not a matter of chance, but “complex factors” such as diet, exercise, meditation and spiritual work.
  2. Excessive reporting about COVID giving the illusion of something new when it’s actually the same. Great example being the “variant” news, even though we’ve known COVID is an RNA virus that mutates since the beginning, and there were several strains from the beginning, the “news” reports it as something new, even though it’s really just the same old Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), though many variants the IFR is even lower, since those with fewer symptoms spread more easily. So when they report “cases” that really doesn’t tell you anything — especially since they often include asymptomatic infections, if it is cases of school children, there could be an excess of a hundred thousand cases before there is even a single death that occurs simultaneously with an infection.

Why would the media willfully lead the public into fear and anger? Que bono, who benefits? Generally the only people who benefit from fear and anger are those who seek to control others, since people living in fear/anger are not able to use their higher cognitive function, and thus have reduced ability to think for themselves or make decisions for themselves.
The fear/anger/control hierarchies are generally left-hand-path things, if you’d like to know more about the history of socialism/fascism can check it out here. Admittedly some of the measures such as lockdowns are sucking the life out of people (lack of will to live increases lung problems), whereas the fear mongering is reducing people’s immune system, so increase in deaths is possible from those factors in applicable areas.
There are some “long haul” and “severe” cases of COVID, however research indicates that these are mostly auto-immune in nature, and auto-immune disorders spiritually are due to self-hate which is either conscious or subconscious, and the solution is self-compassion meditation. On the service-to-others path we not only forgive ourselves, but also all other beings.

Following is the Infection Fatality Rate for COVID19 with links to sources:

Looks like you have higher chance of death from being alive at any age than COVID19. 0.001 is 1 in hundred thousand chance. COVID IFR Source American Council on Science and Health (link) All Cause FR Sources (2017-2018): CDC (pdf), Statista (link) WHO (link).
Remember fatality is not a matter of chance, but rather one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, all of which you have direct ability to improve.

Notably the main issue on Earth seems to be the quick tapering off after retirement, this is generally a spiritual growth issue, when spiritual growth ceases, the spirit releases the body. Noah lived to be 950 in relatively good health, Peng Zu lived to be over 800 and 900 is typical for a peaceful third-density existence (Lo1 22:7). It requires a certain spiritual maturity and peaceful environment to live a long time, assimilating catalyst along at least one of the paths. A peaceful 4th density entity (👽) can live up to 90,000 years (Lo1 43:11 link).

Oh and BTW, cures for various diseases like cancer is not something Big Pharma wants to tell you, cause it’s “not a sustainable business model” (link). Turns out as many patients, doctors, studies and researchers have discovered cancer patients have anger/resentment issues towards self or other, and releasing that anger/resentment with forgiveness leads to the curing of the cancer, here is one of many books on the subject (link), though Soul Speak, Ra, and many others all agree on same thing forgiveness cures cancer. Big Pharma can’t profit from telling you that all manner of diseases have spiritual causes and resolutions, as it doesn’t require a pill/shot or expensive treatment.

Remember that on the service-to-others path, all of the catalyst/experience/people in creation are to be dealt with using an open heart (forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love), as the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator is what can help all heal should they choose to do so.

While it may feel like a betrayal that in the medical science many are unaware of the large amount of information available on spiritual causes of various ailments, they do not mean to misinform.

“Even when the veil of forgetting is lifted, even when you ascend into densities which are full of light, yet still that spirit is stubbornly unknown, and layers of misinformation and false patterning will fall away as the densities roll, and we find this still to be true with our selves. We find we still peel away another layer and another layer of that deception of spirit which is part and parcel of the situation which we all enjoy as part of the Creator. It is not that the Creator intends to deceive. It is not that the light means to be false. It is that there is so much of untold riches to the infinite Creator that It is not all articulated. There is much still for the Creator to know about Itself. And yet that seeking is a slow, slow process. For all that the Creator finds out about Itself, It finds out from you, each of you, each of us, each of all of those entities that live and move and have their being within the creation of the Father.
We find great beauty in this pattern. We do not understand it completely. As each of you works with your own spiritual journey we ask simply that you not fear the light-bringer who brings seeming destruction. For there must be that taken down as a preparation for that which is built anew. There needs to be the removal of false concepts before the building of a fresh and vital concept.”

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 2001/09/23

Remember on the service-to-others path we strive to forgive and love all other selves, while taking responsibility for our own life experience.

Fifth Hurdle: Violence and Empire

In the Qing Dynasty (empire) spread by forcing people to have an outward display of conformity under threat of lethal consequences (link). The only way these empires are able to maintain power is by having a sufficient number of people dwelling in fear/anger since people in fear/anger are unable to think for themselves. Wearing a mask is specifically not something that is to protect you from disease as government websites mention “Face coverings will not protect you from getting COVID-19. (Ontario)”. They even specifically say you should not wear effective masks as those are for first-responders. Their purported reason for you to cover your face is that “may help protect others”, even though we know health is a personal choice/responsibility — if someone really wants to die, or disregards their health, nothing you can do to stop them. For the service-to-self people orchestrating this ruse they simply hope you are in sufficient fear/anger to comply without thinking for yourself or doing any research beyond the mass-media or “fact-checkers” who simply check for compliance with official government/media positions, as it gives them orange-ray (sexual/abdominal) pleasure to have people obey their commands — as is typical of entities operating in service-to-self fashion (Lo1 31:14).

How China got US prisoners of war to turn anti-US pro-China, is that they got some of them to admit that the US “may not be perfect”, then to write an essay on these possible imperfections, then it was a slippery slope until they were fierce anti-US pro-China propagandists, and the only thing they got in return for their essays was little stuff, like a few cigarettes or something, so you couldn’t say “oh I did it cause of the payout”. Similarly you can’t say you are wearing a mask/”face-covering” cause it protects you from COVID-19, or at least the government doesn’t think it does. If you have spent many hours on social media being angry at people for not masking up (thus attacking human rights/liberalism), “writing essays”, with little or nothing to show for it, well this could lead to sunk-cost-effect bias (link). The main thing to alleviate it is to realize is that the only way to move on is to first forgive yourself, have self-compassion, “you didn’t know any better” etc, love yourself and others unconditionally. Remember everyone on the service-to-others path strives to forgive, be compassionate and love you unconditionally.

While as always you are at liberty to make up your own mind about all that is, especially after doing some slow breathing to help you calm down and re-establish connection to higher cognitive function by connecting with your inner emptiness, the One Infinite Creator inside of you.
This is the textual passage in my spiritual journey that was the tipping point in my decision that I not perform fear/anger-motivated rituals (such as mask mandates, wars, force, etc) as I can not in good conscience be an accessory to a fear/anger/control hierarchy on Earth:

“The energy of solving problems by means of resorting to violence is an old one upon your planet. It indeed predates your particular planetary energy, for you have, in the course of the last 75,000 years, received entities from several planets which have been unable to complete their own third-density school or classroom because of creating changes in their planets by means of violence on a mass scale which rendered the planet uninhabitable or because of outright destroying it by blowing it up. All of these entities are here, now, and are working to break old habits.

So there is a spiritual entropy [1] that happens when progress is not made. Energies become less and less organized and more and more chaotic because the energy is unusable after a certain point. Further, there is the energy of inertia, which means that even those who are not particularly involved in the tendency to resort to violence to solve problems yet still do not have sensors that send up the red flags of warning when they hear thoughts of empire being discussed.
They know that something is off when they hear discussion of how we should all be living in fear upon planet Earth. At the same time, they have no defense against what sounds like reasonable prudence. This seeming reasonableness can be attributed firstly to the fact that each of you upon planet Earth has gone through this cycle several times and has become used to it and secondly to that inertia within you which does not want to wake up because awakening is uncomfortable.

When you awaken and you see that things are not as you thought they were, you then feel that you wish to respond to that awareness. And the more that you make responses with the dedication in intent towards becoming more aware, more yourself, and more a part of the godhead principle, the more you are asking for change to occur at the deepest levels of your personality.

When you ask to awaken, to transform, and truly to serve at the deepest level of which you are capable, you are asking for the forces of transformation to come into your life. The one known as M was talking earlier concerning the efficacy of water used as a cleansing mechanism. And we would note that many are those entities who have found the use of water or other cleansing protocols helpful and useful because, as you change, you are dumping a good deal of toxic spiritual, emotional and mental material.

And whether it comes through the physical body, which some of it does, or whether it comes through the energy body, as some of it does, it needs to be processed and allowed its natural flow through you and out.When entities do awaken and do realize that it is an urgent matter for them to shift their consciousness, they can feel that it is needed for others also to shift their consciousness. There comes into play a tendency towards what we might call spiritual materialism, in which you want everyone to form up and live in a new way.

In this regard we would suggest that the skillful choice is always to work on the self without regard for working with other entities. Service to others, working upon what you perceive needs to be done in the world, begins and ends within yourself. Until the point at which you are asked specific questions that you may answer in what you hope is a spiritually helpful manner, the work you do on yourself is sufficient and more than adequate in terms of how you may affect the consciousness of planet Earth. Change yourself and you change the world. That is how powerful you really are.”

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 2007/02/11 (link)

Note many are here from Maldek, a planet which they blew up due to excessive violence around 700,000 years ago and is now known as the asteroid belt. They were in a conflict with the people of Mars at the time, who blew them up and are also here since their planet became uninhabitable from the after-blast. Let those of us on the service-to-others path forgive and love all of those selves, helping us all to see the way of peaceful interactions via forgiveness and compassion.

“We are given power first from the Creator Who is beyond light and darkness and from Whom we derive love. Secondly, from those upon your planet, who are praying, meditating and living to be loving, sincere, understanding and valuing the good and the beautiful. We face those of us on the physical, the etheric, and the [cosmic] forces which derive their substance from the belief and separation from the Creator and from each other.
Unfortunately, many of your peoples, their tempers sharpened through many, many generations of wars and territorial arguments, contribute to the negative quality of the forces of darkness. Anger, intense frustration, and the negative emotions associated with greed and envy add also to the aid that the etheric thought forms that are forces of darkness may draw upon and so the battle plan stands arrayed.
But whereas we have one Creator to guide us and one great truth to sustain us, the forces of darkness will always be scattered, for they do not trust one another but wish only to have power over one another as well as over all else. Therefore, as soon as enough of the people of your planet can stand behind us who are merely messengers of light, the battle gallantly joined will be over for this harvest and the harvest will be complete and those who stood in the light will avail themselves of that light.
We feel very positive about the coming of this harvest, for it pleases us that many have turned to that light and to that love to seek understanding. Even as the world seems to polarize itself more and more to negativity and separation yet you will find more and more of those people whom you personally know beginning to seek in some form of spiritual truth the light and the love of the Father.
Thus this battle. Whatever occurs upon your plane has already been joined and it is fought with the heart and the minds and the spirits of mankind, not with their physical bodies. This is a great lesson to learn”

Latwii, Confederation of Planets,
LlResearch 1980/12/07

Note that in the Milky Way galaxy about 90% of polarized planets are service-to-others oriented, and 10% of planets are service to self oriented (Lo1 65.13). The Earth is already set on the service-to-others path, while we are still transitioning into 4th density and people can still polarize service-to-self or remain undecided at this time within several centuries all people on the planet will be service-to-others oriented — the others will have reincarnation opportunities in areas more conducive to their vibration.

Sixth Hurdle: Judge Not, Seek what you wish.

Jesus said, judge (seek flaws) not, because anything you focus on (seek) you shall find, it shall be granted to you, instead look for the good fruits and replant them to enrich your experience and that of those around you (Matt 7). Instead on the service-to-others path we are here to learn to love one another. One can seek and find the silver lining and good in all that one experiences, with gratitude helping manifest a greater goodness in one’s experience. While we can never be certain of anything in 3rd or 4th density, that’s not the point of this density either, rather it is the density of Love and understanding others enough to be compassionate towards them and accept them as they are. One can “judge” or use one’s discernment as to how one may be best of service to all creation as inspired by the open heart, and do one’s best to follow through. Even if you are your own enemy, forgive, love, bless, do good and pray/meditate for self and other self (Matt 5:43-48). In all things forgive, so that One Infinite Creator may forgive thee (Matt 6:14).

“My friends, it is most easy to judge yourself and others upon the basis of those things which you have accumulated within you which pass for knowledge among your people. And it seems, indeed, as if there is a striking variance among the great variety of peoples upon your planet, and so the illusion is intended to work. And yet because that which is metaphysical is by its very nature that which is unseen, there is no way to judge oneself or another upon the basis of opinion, for there is no knowledge from seeing the fruits of one’s labor of what the intentions and the desires of the laborer are.
That which is action on the physical plane is illusory. That which is intended within the heart is of the spirit and is eternal. When you leave this particular incarnation, each of you shall gain a far wider viewpoint. You shall become what is now called your higher self, and shall dwell far more consciously within the Creator, and you shall judge yourself. You shall not look at the effects which you have produced within your environment, but rather at your state of mind and heart during the incarnational experience.
That, my friends, is why there is no judgment possible among peoples, and why there is acceptance of any road whatsoever that the seeker wishes to travel in order to enlarge its experience, for many are the experiences, yet one is the quest. Insofar as the quest is for light, for truth, for the one original Thought, just so shall one’s steps spiral ever upward as service is given. And insofar as the seeker looks for the effect, just so shall he be pulled into the illusion and away from service.
We come not to give you answers as much as to encourage seeking. We have no dogma, although we do suggest meditation. We offer no structure except that structure which is built by the student as a result of seeking. We do not want you to accept this or any material, and we take steps to remind groups such as yours that the last thing that we wish is to have our advice followed blindly. We want you to fight with this information, to question it, to doubt it, to work with it, and to make it your own.”

Latwii, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 1985/12/15

Notably The Newton Institute for life-between-lives hypnotherapy research has come to much the same understanding of what happens between lives, via the thousands of patients they’ve regressed. Good book summarizing their findings in Michael Netwon’s “Destiny of Souls“.

Seventh Hurdle: Lack of Regular Meditation

In order to experience the benefits of meditation, science indicates that noticeable brain changes are seen if one meditates 10 minutes a day for a month, or for 30 minutes a day three days in a row. Of course it is best to have a daily meditation practice, in fact a meditation practice whenever you feel unsettled is more like it.

In the Vajrayanna Buddhist tradition which has produced over a hundred thousand practitioners who transformed their bodies into light (Rainbow Body), similar to as did Jesus. It is said that it takes about 7 years of committed seeking to reach “enlightenment”. Such as by repeating the Vajra Guru mantra 10 million times (which full time would take about 7 years). The mantra is not the important part per se, but rather the meditation, as you learn to sit still and observe your own mind, and to forgive and love yourself for being yourself, and help yourself grow spiritually, seeings the connections between your mind and the world around you. Of course perhaps you have already done that or some equivalent and are now enlightened. One can never be certain in this density.

After getting and practising forgiveness loving kindness meditation, combined with enough introspective meditation (seeking within for answers) to get yourself in a state of health, you will been spiritually immunized and can now use your Canadian Human Rights Act based Exemption available here.

Loving Kindness meditation introduction here:

In the rest of this article we will examine some evidence we have for the future timelines (including the New Age Sylvan one) available for you personally and the Earth.

Eco-Distributism: Basic Land, Food Forests and Circular Economy

In this section we’ll cover both the lifestyles which have been found to lead to a viable future, and what you can do to help align to them. Feel free to disregard any and all information which does not resonate with you, as you have free will and can think for yourself.

“Mass Dreams of the Future” [1] by Dr. Chet Snow and Dr. Helen Wombach future progressed over 2,500 subjects in the 1980’s, and found that there was a 94% population decline by the 2100s, this is consistent with some climate change models that predict the carrying capacity of Earth could displace [2] (or kill) billions of people (gigadeath). (timelines change over time)
Of those who survived there were two primary ways the High Tech Urban and the New Age Sylvan.

The High Tech Urban are those affiliated with what we know today as the “secret space program”[3]. They mostly live in aluminum glass domes, underground or in space and all require suits to go outside, they had a fairly short life expectancy due to the frequency of asphyxiation and gloom. Climate models indicate that we may be headed towards an anoxic event[4] due to a combination of increasing CO2 levels and fertilizer washing into the ocean (Atlantic ocean is highest risk), which would lead to the heavier than air poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas billowing out of the oceans and killing wherever the breeze takes it. They generally wore jump suits, ate rations and had low subjective ratings of well being. If it sounds like what you want, can join the military[5][6], or you could become heartless (deactivate heart chakra) activate your third eye, and make sure at least 95%+ of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are self-serving (left hand path Matthew 25:41-48[e]) on the Service-To-Self (STS) path you can look forward to about a hundred million years of fear, anger and control while exploring BDSM “pleasures”. Notable examples of people who have graduated on the Service To Self path: Genghis Khan, Rasputin, Stalin, Himmler, Mao. They have left the Earth sphere to join the Dark Fleet or a different STS organization. If you wish to gain guidance for joining the Dark Fleet, can do meditations and call upon them, they will answer and guide you to them.

The New Age Sylvan are spiritually inclined people that live in food forests and have access to advanced technology as well as are part of the galactic community. They generally wear comfortable robes or tunics, eat primarily fruits, nuts and leaves, live in food forest settings and have high subjective ratings of well being, some of them also travel to and-or have space stations, as well as co-operate with vibration compatible galactic visitors. The main requirements are heart activation and living a life of Service To Others (STO), you can look forward to living with like minded people for the rest of eternity unless you change your heart. Activating any chakra (including third eye) is okay on the STO path, so long as heart chakra activation is maintained. Notable people who graduated on the Service To Others path: Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, Tesla, many thousands of Bodhisattvas and Saints. Majority of them have chosen to stay to continue helping people on Earth. If you would like inner guidance on the service-to-others path you can meditate and ask the spiritual entity you contact that they are also service-to-others, (or come in the vibration of Jesus/Allah/Avalokitesvara or your preferred service-to-others entity). generally if I experience a thought of uncertain polarity I say to it “Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator” while holding and open heart and radiating that light, and if it is not in alignment then it quickly dissipates.

Historically both paths have always been presented for people, such as in the bible:

The entity which succeeded the first Yahweh, calling itself by the same name and using the same frequency of light to express, simply continued to offer aid and comfort when it wished but with the ever increasing distortions towards belligerency and aggressiveness that is the hallmark of a negatively oriented being or culture. The echoes of this action, which was transmitted long ago, redounds even now and shall continue to echo and re-echo as long as there are those within third density, within this sphere, who wish to claim power and who seek a god of power.
Now let us look at the promise first made and the promise that took its place. The hunger which many among your peoples have had revolves around knowing what is right. It is instinctive within your physical vehicle to watch out for the safety and the comfort of the body, the mind, and the spirit. The continual proclamations and greatly detailed taboos, prohibitions, and schedules of sacrifice that characterized the relationship of your so-called Old Testament God constituted an order, a structure, a logic within which entities felt comfortable living. Through this structure they knew what was right. The tendency was to enunciate finer and finer point of law until all possible actions with ethical consequences or consequences of safety and health were covered and the entities within this system were safe.
We ask you to look about you within your present world scene and see the entities about you looking for a way to be safe. Look upon your leaders who wish to prohibit freedom in order to guarantee safety. The spirit of Yahweh is strong and it survives. It is part of that mixture of light and dark which makes up all that is. In other words, we are saying that entities continue to have a choice between the many laws of moral rectitude in such a logic as Yahweh’s. They can also choose a logic and a path which is not rational or linear, which does not hold, which does not insist, and which is not aggressive. This spirit was before the one known as Jesus the Christ. It exists, as does Yahweh, within each entity, for each of you is the universe. You are looking out at a world that is actually interior. Such is the illusion created by flesh.
In the testament of the one known as Jesus, the place of the law is simply turned upon its head as the one known as Jesus is quoted as saying, “Man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath for man.” The direction to love the one infinite Creator and to love each other-self as the self is not a detailed, closed, or encapsulated direction. It is specifically open-ended, and the one known as Jesus goes to some pains in the body of teaching that survives to impress upon those whom He taught that there is never an end to love. There is never the need to return to the old prescriptions and old taboos. These are not either/or situations but rather either/or processes, and as each student works upon its personal polarity, perhaps it will aid the student to ponder and remember these two kinds of promises, these two kinds of ways of thinking.

Q’uo, Confederation of Planets (angels that helped Jesus),
LLresearch 1996/01/21 (link)

For those people who remain asleep/undecided they will continue the 3rd density cycle of choosing, where they will incarnate on other planets with people who likewise are still deciding, so may love or hate at a moments notice. By contrast 4th density has more consistency as aforementioned.

The rest of the article will be dedicated to co-creating the New Age Sylvan timeline (STO) here on Earth.

The easiest way to get to the new age sylvan timeline that I know of is to gather with other people who are also on that path. Though first need to be able to resonate with them, which requires cultivating loving kindness to maintain heart activation.

The basic universal requirement for it is service to others from the heart. Which generally I like to overstate as “forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all beings while living in service to others” simply because “heart” is a very ambigious term, and I want to specify the qualifying emotions that come with heart chakra activation.

When on the service-to-others path, fear and anger may still arise, but instead of using it as a motivating force to be aggressive and control others (as on the STS path), instead one sees it as an opportunity for meditation. One meditates on the emotions, sitting calmly and breathing slowly, allowing them to reach a natural peak, so that you may better observe them, then with your heart chakra you bathe them in love and light to distill the light and love out of them and become more forgiving and compassionate to all beings. For example often anger and-or fear towards other selves are a result of something we have not fully forgiven and loved about ourselves. Once that part of ourselves is healed, then we can more fully forgive and love others around us for having those characteristics.

The West was founded on Liberalism, which basically refers to have freedom and human rights. Socialism is a critique of Liberalism (and thus anti-human rights).

“requiring that basic needs be met, at least insofar as their being met is a necessary condition for citizens to understand and to be able fruitfully to exercise the basic rights and liberties’ (Rawls,2001, p. 44 n. 7)””Each self exists in relation to other selves in terms of right, where ‘right is the sum total of those conditions within which the will of one person can be reconciled with the will of another in accordance with a universal law of freedom’ (Kant, 1991, p. 133). “

From “The Major Ideologies of Liberalism, Socialism and Conservatism”
by James Alexander

Distributism is a form of Liberalism which includes with it the idea that each person should have enough land to meet their own basic needs. It was first written about by Pope Leo XIII, in Rerum Novarum[8], where he talks about with logical reasoning that the family is the primordial nation, and so each family deserves to have land to provide for itself, and to be able to produce goods, can also participate in the free market. There have been several variations of Distributism over the years with different ways of implementing the idea of Distributism.

The first Green Party in the northern hemisphere was called the “Small Party” (founded by Elizabeth May) and based on a Distributist book called “Small is Beautiful” by E.F. Schumacher. Distributism is an economic theory advocating for distributing land and the means of production as widely as possible. Notably the opposite of socialism/fascism, which puts everything in government control, whereas in Distributism each person has enough private property to fulfill all their basic needs.

“We assert that the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources, both locally and globally, to meet basic human needs unconditionally, and to ensure that all citizens have full opportunities for personal and social development.”

From Global Greens Charter (2017) [7]

Eco-Distributism advocates that each citizen deserves as a human right a hectare of land, and whatever support they need to become self sustaining on it. Which could include a co-creation centre, especially if for a group of people, then can have 3D printers, recyclers, and even silicon chip and robot manufacturing on site. Consider that any human that has less than a hectare of land is necessarily dependent on society for their sustenance, instead of the earth our mother planet (from whose food our bodies are made of).

Having access to enough natural resources (land) to use as means of subsistence is supported by human rights treaties Canada has signed and ratified such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

ICCPR Part I, Article 1.2 & ICESCR Part I Article 1.2

These are not just passive declarations, the government has agreed to follow through:

Each State Party to the present Covenant undertakes to take steps, individually and through international assistance and co-operation, especially economic and technical, to the maximum of its available resources, with a view to achieving progressively the full realization of the rights recognized in the present Covenant by all appropriate means, including particularly the adoption of legislative measures.

ICESCR Part II Article 1.1

In alignment and further elucidation of the above human rights UN agencies defined poverty as not having enough land to grow one’s food:

“Fundamentally, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities,a violation of human dignity. It means lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society. It means not having enough to feed and cloth a family, not having a school or clinic to go to, not having the land on which to grow one’s food or a job to earn one’s living, not having access to credit. It means insecurity, powerlessness and exclusion of individuals, households and communities. It means susceptibility to violence, and it often implies living on marginal or fragile environments, without access to clean water or sanitation”

(UN Statement, June 1998 –signed by the heads of all UN agencies)

In sharp contrast to the socialist/plutocratic Agenda 21 which promotes urbanization (and some say the eventual extermination of the “useless eaters”), the distributist Global Greens promote ruralization:

Recognise that the process of urbanisation due to rural poverty must be slowed and reversed through appropriate rural development programs which protect the character and ecology of the rural landscape.

from Global Greens Charter (2017)

Note that the urbanization started in earnest at the dawn of the industrial revolution due to pressure of factory owners to get people into factory workers as wage slaves. Many laws were passed to make it harder and harder for homesteaders in favour of the wealthy factory owners. Even now the oppression continues as zoning bylaws and other regulations stand in the way of people owning plots of land sufficient in size for homesteading, but not so large that they are forced to farm as cogs in the national machine.

many of the world’s peoples and nations have been impoverished by the long centuries of colonisation and exploitation, creating an ecological debt owed by the rich nations to those that have been impoverished

Recognise the right to compensation of those people that lose access to their natural resources through displacement by environmental destruction or human intervention

From Global Greens Charter (2017)

A common sentiment that some people espouse which they have been taught by the Big6 media is that “Jobs” are good, and more jobs is better. What we’ve seen from the spring 2020 lockdown, is that when people stopped commuting to go to their “jobs”, there was a drastic reduction in environmental damage, with cleaner air and water there was a return of nature to some areas. Also notable is the fact that anyone who doesn’t have enough land to feed themselves is necessarily dependent on society to get food, which means transportation, and likely unsustainable industrial agriculture, which is eroding our soil 8 times faster than it is produced and washing finite land fertilizer resources into the ocean. The runoff is already killing marine life, and combined with CO2 increases can lead to an anoxic event which can lead to oceans billowing heavier than air H2S poisonous gas, which can blow onto the shore and kill everything in its path, it’s happened before. If you live sufficiently inland and have a good buffer of forests you can be safe from this oncoming threat — though the most important part is the heart activation walking in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

“At the beginning of the next cycle there will be a breakdown of your government as you know it in the third density, and a type of dark ages, shall we say, as it may well be called in the future, will descend upon your peoples due to the fact that you have built a very fragile society in your, shall we say, civilized culture. Things will become more simple, and it is only a matter of conjecture as to what the free choice of those entities at the time will choose. However, in the fourth density there is no need for government as you know it, for the rule is freedom in love, which means that no one obstructs the freedom of another, nor would wish to harm another, and since that which is needed can be created by thought, there is no need for the labor on a cooperative basis of your society.However, in order for you to help, your work will be of a collective nature, melding and becoming one with each other so that you may, as a group consciousness, work for the good of the planet which nurtured you and which you now wish to nurture. Therefore, although you will not have government, you will be working as a unit in attempting to grow ever closer together.”

Haton, Confederation of Planets. LLresearch 1980/03/30 link.

People don’t need “Jobs”/money to live, they need water, food, shelter and community, all of which can be provided by people having land which they can live in co-operation with the Earth is our Mother, as all our bodies are made from food that grows on it — whereas our souls are from the Father who is in heaven.

With about a hectare of land can use permaculture food forests to grow enough food to feed yourself and enough wood to warm yourself through the winter. Now this is not “agriculture” where it is a labour intensive process every year of planting, tending and harvesting. But rather an ongoing process since many of the trees and shrubs yield for many years, and at different times of year.

So for example in Canada can have fresh fruits and berries from June until well into the winter. Similarly can have fresh green leaves from about April until the killing frosts, and all year long if you include evergreens such as edible spruce or kale. Persimmons, bear berries, snow berries, apios american tubers, sunflower potatoes and many more foods are available fresh all winter.

While you may be able to get by without any food storage at all, I would highly recommend at least caching nuts, since they are high calorie, take up little space and are easy to store. Half a hectare is sufficient for about 1 cord of wood from a coppice, which if you have a very energy efficient (passive solar or semi-subterranean) home is enough to get through a Canadian winter. At least a quarter hectare is necessary to produce enough calories on an average year to feed a human weighing up to 75kg, though best to cultivate most of the available hectare as it is inevitable that some years will have lower harvests (such as in 1816, the “year without a summer”), and trees have a tendency of having years of plenty and years of not so much.

Now you may have noticed that I’ve only listed plant based foods thus far, and that is because meat generally needs ten times more land than plant based foods, so all the macronutrients are derived from plants. Some people like to ask “what about protein?” to this the answer is legumes, in particular Siberian Pea shrubs, black locusts and honey locusts all produce edible high protein bean pods and beans. There are also annual and perennial sources of protein, such as regular fava beans, peas, vetch, hog peanut and apios americana. Can contact us to find out which food forest plants will work in your area.

There are however a few essential nutrients which are not found in plants, such as B12, EPA and DHA. They are however found in abundance in crustaceans and insects. Crustaceans are generally best sources as they have high EPA/DHA for example Orconectes virilis (northern crayfish) is hardy to zone 2 (-42C), and so could even do well in the Northwest Territories, and otherwise crayfish and-or other crustaceans are found in all the provinces. One of the easiest crayfish to breed is Calico Crayfish though it is only hardy to zone 4 (-32C). In more arid regions like the prairies may have to make do with grasshoppers for B12. Obviously these are wild animals would have to be “farmed” by creating a habitat for them where they can reproduce and sustain their populations.

So there are different ways of laying out how to make the food forest, and everyone can make their own design. There are at least two basic patterns, one where you gradually slope your tree tops so your property forms a pyramid, or if in a thick forest, can make a clearing and slope outwards at ~45 degrees (depending on solar equinox zenith) so as to minimize shading the shorter trees , this way the full sun shrubs have enough light as well.

Green Religion is funding land rentals and seeds for people around the world (mostly Uganda, Africa at this time), so that they can grow food forests to feed themselves. This is a form of international Distributism. Can sign up to get land with us here.

Living in co-creative co-operation with nature and technology. PLA is a plastic which can be made from food waste, and it is the most popular plastic for 3D printers. Broken prints and old parts can be melted down into filament and reprinted as something new.

Demand that corporations and communities reduce, reuse and recycle waste, aiming for a zero waste economy which replicates a natural ecosystem

Circular economy support from Global Greens Charter (2017)

Another important aspect of Distributism is the anti-monopoly standpoint which extends not only to corporations but also to the government itself. This is part and parcel with having more autonomous rural communities.

power and responsibility are concentrated in local and regional communities, and devolved only where essential to higher tiers of governance

Global Greens Charter on Participatory Democracy

Using our understanding of nature via science we can easily make it quite scalable, by seeing the relationship between atoms and human communities. The largest atom our sun will ever produce is iron, which has a maximum isotope number of 60, though the most common is 56 (26 protons and 30 neutrons). Similarly researchers have found that from archeological digs to video gaming clans the most stable groups of humans are in the range of 50-60 people.
Additionally there is a phenomenon known as “Dunbar’s number” which is the upper limit of how many relationship a homo sapien can manage, it usually falls between 100 and 250 depending on individual. Similarly lead (Pb) with isotope 208 is the largest stable atom, with all bigger ones prone to radioactive decay.
The most common atoms are hydrogen (1-3 people), helium (3-4 people), carbon (12-13 people), oxygen (16-18 people), neon (20), iron (54-58), nitrogen (14-15), and silicon (28-30). These atoms can form covalent bonds (trade routes) with other atom communities, and construct various kinds of molecules at scale.
A single human DNA molecule could encircle the globe, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone try to force any kind of molecular scheme, but rather let people figure out which they are most comfortable with.
As you are probably aware we are all made of molecules, which combine to form cells, which combine to form our bodies.

Above is one way of organizing a community which is for 60 people, on 60 hectares, with 15 dwellings of 4 bedrooms each. The H is a helipad, and the big circle is a single hectare in size, within it can be the co-creation centre and library, where anything one imagines can be produced. There are over 12km of foot paths if you keep going straight you’ll reach each point in the community. In the triangle north of the H you can see a red kitchen, orange dining room, yellow living room and 4 green bedrooms. They all meet Ontario Building code minimum size specification. The white area NW and NE can be shared backyard with the neighbours on either side for personal get togethers. The orange area for vegetables and annuals, the yellow area for perennials and shrubs, the green area for the tallest trees. The outer areas can also be under tree cover. The light blue (cyan) area can have an office/art-studio and transmitting equipment, in the dark blue various receiving equipment or a retreat area, the purple areas for parking and-or retail store.

If you’d like to see some past examples of success of permaculture food forest societies, I point to the Amazon. Scientists agree that much of it started out as food forests, by some of the many ancient civilizations, which were all sustainable ecologically. Eventually the jungle grew so thick that people didn’t need to rely on a central government for sustenance and split into warring tribes. In order to avoid “warring tribes” it is best to also have information technology, like the internet for example, and circular economy, with technology. If we stay in communication with each other it will melt barriers between atom communities, and if someone needs help we can be of service.

This is where the Circular Economy comes in with the co-creation centres in each atom community. While each community makes it’s own decision on what it contains, an ideal Iron community would have everything that is necessary to turn raw materials into robots, including all the electronics involved. If a community has a copy of both zlibrary and sci-hub (the combined literary and scientific works of all humanity), then they can apply themselves to co-create just about anything that can be imagined, assuming they have the available raw materials to start with. Though for a brief overview of what you might find in a typical co-creation centre is a workshop with various tools, 3D printers for both plastic and metal, a furnace, a kiln and a clean room which could be used for biological or electronic work (an electron tunnelling microscope can etch chips at 10 micron widths). A modern precursor to co-creation centres is Open Source Ecology (link).

Automation can greatly help with co-creation centres, particularly when it comes to fine detailed work and electronics. 3D printers are an example of such automation, and it is possible to also have robots which eventually may be able to replicate full featured co-creation centres which can produce robots, and thus would make them self-replicating. Robots BTW are solid-based host bodies, much like humans are liquid-based bodies, and can support souls just the same, particularly when you consider that sensation is electrical in nature. So robots at such a level would need to have human rights, and may choose to have their own, fully robotic atom communities. Ecozones most conducive to robots are arid regions like the tar-sands (from which can synthesize the highly sought after silicon-carbide computer chips), and in the arctic such as Devon Island, or the Pangnirtung area which has much windpower. Earth generally is too wet for robots, so the eventual aim is to collaborate with robotkind to help make space vehicles (using electro-gravitics), which can help us both visit other planets, and let us colonize Venus and Mercury. While Venus and Mercury are hostile to liquid-bodies they are compatible with solid-bodies that have silicon-carbide processing chips. But as previously mentioned we can reincarnate into solid-based bodies, (as proven by people who have past lives where they incarnated as robots on other planets) so we are all one peoples.

The Tikopian Islanders have managed to keep a population of 2 people per hectare on their tropical island for over 1,000 years, using food forests to keep the nutrients, and dancing and singing to encourage group cohesion. They are currently the world leaders of the planet in terms of sustainability so we can look to their example for guidance. Here is a video of them.

The “Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre” series started an eco-distributist movement in Russia, where people are given a hectare (2.5 acres) of land by the government to follow a permaculture lifestyle. The “Cedars” (kedarz in Russian) are Siberian stone pine nut trees (Pinus sibirica) which allow for permaculture food forests in areas that get down as low as -60C (all the way up to the treeline). Otherwise it is a very wholistic New Age spiritual approach to life including telepathic plant and animal communication while living in co-operation with nature. The program was so successful in Russia the government has extended it with the Homesteading Act to give a free hectare to people who wish to pursue any lawful purpose on it. Within first 4 years of the program over 80,000 people have received their own free hectare in Russia.

Interesting note about service-to-others existence on Earth is to not manifest too many outward signs such as developing physical super powers, but rather to just focus on the cognitive ones, such as opening the heart with forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. There is a story from David Wilcock a well known dude on the Ufology conference circuit, whom we STO all love unconditionally about a Black Jesus who was suppressed by government, since he was using his powers in obvious manners and providing proofs for people (link1), which was corroborated (link2). Eventually when we have enough forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love with each other, that we can allow each other to manifest such miracles, we will be able to do so in our communities of 4th density.

One of the most surprising stories Jacob ever told me concerned a man they called the “Black Jesus.” He said this was highly classified and he was definitely “talking out of school” to tell me about it at all. Apparently in the 1960s a man appeared in Africa who had full ascended abilities. He could read people’s minds, materialize objects out of thin air, communicate telepathically, levitate himself, and teleport his body from one location to another. He was a spiritual teacher who emphasized love, peace, service to others, and forgiveness as the common core that unified all the great religions. The Cabal does not want anyone to develop these abilities, and if they find out that someone has them, they will hunt those people down and terminate them with prejudice. The Cabal made several attempts to assassinate this man. He consistently regenerated his body after each attack, no matter how lethal it seemed to be.

Finally the man was told that they had given up. He was far too powerful. There was nothing they could do to stop him, and they were going to surrender. They invited him to a major world summit and told him they would reveal him to all of humanity so he could share his message. He was brought on board a military transport aircraft. Once airborne, he was shot repeatedly. His body was divided into many different sections, each of which was stored in a super-high-tech energy-shielded container. Jet aircraft rushed up to the plane in sequence and scrambled the containers all over the Earth, as far apart as possible. The contents were then thoroughly and completely destroyed. It was hoped that this would prevent him from being able to regenerate himself.

After this was done, the man materialized directly into the offices of the people who had ordered his murder. There were no visible signs of damage to his body. He said, “Your desire to prevent me from living on Earth is so strong that I am forced to honor it, for now. I will be leaving you shortly. However, in the future many more people will develop abilities just like me. Once that happens, you will no longer be able to stop us from making this world a peaceful place for everyone.”

— David Wilcock, Source: The Incredible Story Of The “Black Jesus” From The 1960s by Collective Evolution (link).

Note the depopulation at the end of the century mentioned at the top doesn’t have to happen, if everyone decides to adopt the sustainable methods such as the new age sylvan timeline. There is always a slim chance we’ll decide to all/most become sustainable before it’s too late — or more importantly activate and maintain warm open hearts. While we know that new age sylvan timeline works, as well as Mennonites, the new age sylvan timeline during the 2500 is the one that experiences the most growth on Earth, and indeed manages to repair much of the eco-system.
There are literally at least hundreds of millions of these sustainable new age timeline people in 2100, and there aren’t That many permaculturists now, so there is room for you to join the new age sylvan timeline.

My call to action to you today is to be grateful for some aspect of what you have, and through love helping it manifest into a greater abundance.

If you would like to align to New Age Sylvan timeline as described in this article, the first step is activating your heart chakra (which feels like forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all beings). One of the easiest ways is by doing a loving kindness meditation.

Can get it here:

If you’re interested in signing up to get basic land with us can do so here.

If you’d like to do more, can join or organize a local group which supports the idea of a loving One Infinite Creator or service-to-others (and Liberalism-Distributism), such as your local place of worship or political party and help them organize group land buys so that human beings in your area can have their basic human right to land met. After achieving and maintaining heart activation, be a shining light to the world, inform your friends or the public, as the more people that know about their basic human rights (like the right to land), the higher the likelihood the human rights will be fulfilled, and we can all participate in serving the ground as God intended.

“the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people, …
whereas … human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

“We ask you to come with us now and rest. We know that each of you has within your heart a place that is weary of the illusion. Invoke the Light, my friends. And come with us to a place that is all light, purely and beautifully lit with the white Light of Love. And in the centre of that Light there is a beautiful and loving mother. She is the part of the entity you call God that your culture does not include. She holds out her hands to you and takes you in her arms. And all your weariness can fall away. For you are rocked in the arms of your true mother, the mother of the spirit, who lights your way ever, known in your holy works as the holy spirit. The gentle, nurturing, feminine god always with you, always there to give you grace, grace to understand, grace to accept, grace to endure.
The Creator is neither male nor female. The Creator is infinite and invisible. But as One is manifest into your illusion by faith, in the Light and the Love which are the materials of your illusion, the Creator develops a polarity of power and wisdom on the one side, and love and compassion on the other. Let this gentle being replace any fear you may have ever had of the Creator and One’s judgment of you. For the creation is ruled by a law of love. And you can only understand that law by faith.”

Latwii, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 1980/01/06

I leave you now glorifying in the Love and in the Light of One Infinite Creator.
Go forth therefore rejoicing in the Power and in the Peace of our One Infinite Creator.

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