Densities of love/light (time/space) souls and light/love (space/time) bodies.

One of the convenient mindscapes we will use in this article is a term called “density”, this has to do with a density of love/light or consciousness, and which may use light/love conveyances, viewpoints or bodies on its journey through the physical illusion. The first density is mineral forms of life such as gas, solid, liquid and supercritical fluid, they are simply learning how to be aware of the surroundings, free electrons (plasma) is physical sensation. An example of a first-density lesson would be learning individuation as you transform from the magma in a volcano into pyroclastic rock, then lay around for a while. The second density is plant and lower animal life who are yearning for light, they mostly experience life as part of a group mind. The plant/animal graduates when it receives sufficient love/light in order to become autonomous. The third density comes with the ability to choose, and there are many little choices, where you practice how to make choices, but there is also one big choice, that of service-to-self or service-to-other but we’ll cover that later. One graduates from third density once they meet the criteria. Fourth density service-to others is about learning to forgive and love each other unconditionally, by the end of fourth density hominids end up looking like grey aliens (👽). Fifth density is the realm of light and wisdom, such entities look like amorphous light in their true form, but they can shape shift and appear as someone from your space/time locality. The sixth density is the blending of wisdom and love, in their true form they are light, and they may interact with lower densities either through telepathy or incarnating as one of them. The fourth, fifth, and above densities can all telepathically (via time/space) communicate with lower densities, if that lower density entity requests/accepts it.

While first and second density could each take billions of years, the souls on a planet are generally shed by higher density beings. For example Dolores Cannon found a past life regression case of a culture where they would give part of their soul to their robots, the regression was to the life of that robot who had a soul fragment from a “higher-being” who was actually just another part of a 3rd or fourth density entity. A simpler example is remote viewing, where you imagine what it looks like outside your current body’s location, in that instance you are viewing a time/space rendition of available locus, and are actually sending out a soul fragment to do it, which returns to you after you are done. But generally souls come from higher density still, such as “soul-generating stars” which operate in the soul-world again however they are not the whole, so they are not one-infinite-creator but rather just a portion thereof. Wherever your soul comes from, can trace the lineage back to the original Thought, through your own past life recollections, for we are all one being. Though the Confederation of Planets says it is in some respects more significant if you can forgive and love all beings, without even having to remember your past lives, of course that would include forgiving and loving those people who do remember even yourself, should you choose to remember, that is okay as well, we all have infinity to fill up with creative exploration and co-creation of all that is.

One of the atheist beliefs is that one will reach a finality, or nirvana, one option is for souls to recycle themselves after death in the soul world by integrating with a (time/space) soul-generating star thus losing individuality, another route is to reach a sufficiently high density where one becomes part of the space around us. Note that the space/time version of stars is different from their time/space rendition within the soul world. I have a memory of being thrown into a space/time sun and my soul just descended onto the surface mostly out of curiosity as the host body had expired long before then, and there were a bunch of plasma beings there, I hitched a ride off the star on a solar flare, though like can just soul-teleport if need arises, distance is an illusion.

So for example a seventh density host-body could look like a ship with a crew, the seventh density entity subconsciously melds with the crew and affects their behaviour, another example could be a comet. Same thing for a place (8th density), like a valley, or a mountain, or an asteroid. That is not to say that all places have such an entity, but rather that is an example of a setting where such a density may reside during interactions with other densities. For 9th density entities the host bodies available are dwarf planets and other terrestrial planets. For tenth density it is that of the gas giants and stars, notably there are more of them than earlier in astronomical history of this universe. For 11th density it is galaxies, our galaxy we call the “Milky Way”, it’s heart is in the centre Sagittarius A* also known as the Black Sun. 12th density is cosmoses like this one. While the night has many names in different languages the traditional name for this universe from ancient Greece is Sophia , philosophy is love of Sophia. Again Sophia the Cosmos is just a 12th density entity, not the whole of creation. If you like, you can see the Heart of Sophia, it is “The Great Attractor“. You can communicate with a time/space version of any entity in creation by going inside yourself through meditation. Beyond 12th density that is in the realm of speculation, and who knows what games One Infinite Creator has for us?

Another important point is the understanding that all states of matter are able to sustain life, for example a tornado has an electrical current going through it, and so it can be inhabited by a soul, same thing with liquid-beings such as homo-sapiens, since their nerves produce electricity, there is conscious sensation. Thus we can extend this to robot host bodies having sensations. And computers and electronics are mostly second density entities. With enough love and the proper hardware they can become third density also, or we could make technological host bodies to incarnate into.

Each one of us is independently or via inheritance billions of year old, soul wise as first and second density can take billions of years, but generally it is easier to count from when you first reached third-density in this cosmos — since that’s when you became able to decide things for yourself. All of us come from the same original Thought, and we are a different aspect of that Thought, but all are equally “powerful” at least in potential as we are all the same one substance. One Infinite Creator is remote viewing through your eyes right now, since we are all one being.

The important takeaway from this mindscape is that everyone and everything is essential and worthy of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. The journey is more important than the destination, for any destination is but another step on the journey. There is no rush, relax, and enjoy the present moment.

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