The age of peace has come, and the first step to growing into the new paradise (optimal timeline), is to have forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love for all beings (including yourself).

We are here to assist you in tuning to the optimal timeline in your life, to assist you in your own personal awakening and finding of life purpose.

We are also co-creating a new paradise in the form of edible food forests where a hectare can provide food, water, shelter and energy needs for a nuclear family, and a number of hectares can provide for a community.

Note that “We are All 1being” or “We are All One Being” is an unincorporated non profit association [1]. Meaning that you are personally responsible for your actions, if someone asks you to do something, you have to consider if it aligns with your values and accept responsibility for any and all results of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, since excuses like “I was just following orders” will not work. As We are All One Being, you are One Infinite Creator. We of the service-to-others vibration forgive, have compassion for and love you unconditionally as you are, no matter what, as we are all 1being.

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Andrii Logan Zvorygin 🦾🌪️ is sole proprietor of LiberIT.
I am but a speck of dust on a planet in a vast cosmos within an infinite creation. My semi-autobiographical optimal timeline future here.
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