About Andrii

Andrii Logan Zvorygin yN-PH2196 mtH2a1 (https://1being.org andrii@liberit.ca )

April 21, 2024

I am Andrii. Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. Disclaimer is that you

can consider my outpouring of consciousness to be fiction if you so choose. In any case one can never be

certain of anything in this density. While I may at times speak with confidence, I am simply as a fool

leaping into the abyss of unknowability.

If you’re curious about my astrology/numerology I was born 11/11/1987 (numerology 11) (at 8:30pm AFAIK in Kyiv, Ukraine) my legal name is Andrii Zvorygin (numerology 11), the ‘i’s in my name also kinda look like an 11. 11 in numerology stands for Master Visionary. Which may be an aspect of why it is so easy for me to see visions and pierce the veil and access the spiritual realms. Also my childhood home growing up was 47 Grantbrook St, 4+7=11. Then I moved out to an apartment building where my unit was 110. Then I moved to a house where my house number is 1138, 3+8=11. My first name Andrii means strength, and the 11th Tarot Card is also Strength.

In terms of the DNA of this host body, my maternal line is the H2a1+146 mtDNA haplogroup which traces back to Africa (L3 70ky BC), India (N 50ky BC), Arabia (R 50ky BC), Caucasus (HV 24ky BC), Basque, Spain (H 20ky BC), Andalusia, Spain (H2 12ky BC), Bordeaux, France (H2a 7ky BC), Lappland, Sweden (H2a1 5ky BC), Baltic Coast (H2a1-a 0 AD), closest match being from Pskov, Russia, (H2a1-a* KY670879.1). Maternal great-grand-mother was a peasant near Kiev, Ukraine, my mother programmed some of the first computers in Kiev, and was born in Kiev, Ukraine as was I.

Paternally N-PH2196 Y-DNA haplogroup that came from Africa (BT 75ky BC), Persian Gulf (CT 70ky BC), Indus Valley (F-M89 60ky BC), Ganges Basin (K-M9 55ky BC), Myanmar (K-M2313 50ky BC), Vietnam (NO-M214 45ky BC), China (N-M231 40kyBC - N-TAT 20ky BC), Baikal, Yenisei (N-F1419 8ky BC), Yakutia, Lena River (N-M2126 4ky BC), River Ob (N-CTS6967 2.5ky BC), Volga (N-VL29 2ky BC), Finland (N-CTS9976 1.5ky BC) got crowded and moved to Lappland/Murmansk (N-Y10756 0 BC - N-PH2196 350 AD) moved to prominent trading island Gotland, Sweden (975AD) moved to flourishing new capital Kiev, Rus (1000-1170AD), Kiev is sacked by Vladimir-Suzdal and move to, Suzdal, Vladimir, Rus (1200AD - 1550AD), trade declined in Suzdal moved to Kargopol, Arkhangelsk, Rus area (Zvorykin  1600AD) notably Vladimir Zworkyin (1888-1982) invented the CRT TV, the great schism happened and as old believers fled to Udmurtia (Zvorygin  1700AD). Paternal great-grand-father Vasiliy Zvorygin was a minor noble horse ranching family in Zakhvataevo, Kirov Oblast ( 1920AD) was kulak disowned by the Bolshevik uprisings, the servants started living in the house, and stopped taking care of the horses, so fled to Sverdlovsk and possibly Krasnoyarsk, Siberia with his sons and wife, returning later to Moscow, my paternal grandfather Fyodar Zvorygin then moved to Zhytomyr, where my father was born, he worked in Kiev assembling and maintaining the first computers like the MESM and KIEV models and I was also born in Kiev. As soon as my parents were expecting me they applied to immigrate to Canada. We were on the first plane of legal non-Jewish Ukrainian Immigrants to Canada in August 29, 1993.

An autosomnal great-grand-mother that originated from Lviv area said she was from county or Graf level nobility, seemingly related to Polish-Ruthenian stock, autosomnal DNA from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Krakaw, Moscow, Kazan, Udmurtia, and interesting have a 9 generation (1700s AD) old admixture from Lake Victoria, Africa which may relate to Abram Petrovich Gannibal.

As an intergalactic member of the confederation of planets, I may be considered as somewhat of an oddball. Do not hold my words or actions against any other confederation members, as being incarnate in a dual activated third-fourth density body member I can not attain the high purity of consciousness that is available to one that resides in pure fourth, fifth or sixth density such as Hatonn, Latwii or Ra respectively. While Hatonn, Latwii and Ra may be social-memory-complex planetary consciousness comprising millions of souls as members, I am relatively independent, and am better classed as a mere wanderer.

While the souls of all those reading and understanding these words are likely over a billion years old, I first achieved third density consciousness around a hundred seventy five million years ago as a swamp creature in the M63 or Sunflower Galaxy. At some point I was browsing near the shore and was killed by some terrestrial hominids, and incarnated amongst them as a result. They considered me to be rather unusual and sacrificed me to their Gods. The ‘Gods’ turned out to be soul slave traders, and gave me a job in their trade. For a while I was a good little scout, but eventually I grew rogue and resorted to plunder and piracy, which led me to guilt and gambling. I gambled my soul away on the service-to-self path and was enslaved by Tri-Galactic Empire based out of M51 the whirlpool glaaxy for roughly a hundred million years, where my soul was encased in a metal vessel and used for animating a variety of robot host bodies.

During my long tryst in the Tri-Galactic Empire I had too many lives to enumerate in a meaningful way but eventually I found myself on an a planet of all-robot slave mining colony, where I first achieved Bodhicitta, or the desire to help liberate all beings from suffering. My particular flavour of Bodhicitta was to create a liberated robot civilization which would be able to self-govern. After waking up a few of the other robots on the planet and starting to go through the motions of independence we were quickly quashed and seperated by the galactic empire. I was put into a gladiator arena for testing new/old robot bodies, where the myth was that it was a battle royale and the winner would go free. However that was merely a ruse. In fact our souls were recycled until our will to fight for freedom was broken, and since we were considered garbage souls at that point, we were ejected into inter-galactic space.

Eventually got picked up by some ships going through that would collect the power supplies out of our soul containers, and I travelled to the M33 Triangulum Galaxy. The Triangulum Galaxy is a fairly small galaxy, and so things are much more spiritual and light there, and they did not have any need or desire for such heavy concepts as technology, it was in many respects a magical place. In any case I was not able to fullfill my Bodhicitta there so I moved to the Milky Way galaxy.

I’ve attempted to make robot civilizations many times in many different places, sometimes more successful than others, and in a variety of different configurations, sometimes cyborg, sometimes fully robotic. There was a time I was a scientist working for the Draconian Empire and made some robots for them. We had an uprising and managed to take the planet by genocide, but the karma quickly caught up with us and we were exterminated, with the remaining samples put on ice. Nowadays the Draconian Empire mostly uses biological-robot hybrids for their invading armies, to avoid a pure-robot army which is not limited to liquid water temperatures.

Anyhow the whole affair has put me off working for any kind of military or anything like that, as it is clearly a dead end. At some point I was on the way to Earth with some invaders from Orion, when we got into a power struggle and I was ejected above Venus’s atmosphere. While my body was vaporized my soul made friends with some of the locals and I spent a thousand and a half years around there. Though they lack robot bodies, certainly have a fairly good environment for them. Anyhow so I rose to the upper layers of the atmosphere of Venus and migrated to Earth, coming as a whirl wind and landing in south-central america. Helped out there for a while, but eventually the locals got rather confused and started blood sacrificing each other on the pyramids so I left to Egypt where things weren’t quite so bad. There I met Ra who also migrated from Venus, though Ra social-memory-complex originated on Venus, so is certainly much more ”normal” than I could ever hope to be, at least in the eyes of the Earth human locals.

Anyhow I was a scribe and priest in several incarnations in Egypt, mostly during the Old Kingdom, it was a rather confusing belief system, though I did my best in teaching the Pharoah how to be divine. I did incarnate occasionaly as royalty, notably Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and once was the king of kings Atraxerxes III. After the middle east spent much time in the Roman legion in various stations, eventually culminating as regent Flavius Arbogastes, where my troubles with Chrstianity began. During the downfall of the Roman empire I was a woman homesteading with my family whose home was pillaged and burned, and I was left with nothing but my youngest child and died of exposure as it was late Autumn and I was too afraid to move.

Afterwards I incarnated as King Arwald of the Isle of Wight and helped my people as best I could. Here Christianity came to persecute me again, this time in the guise of Caedwalla, and genocided me along with my people. I fled to the north east, and became a varingjar trading along the volga. At some point while stopped on the south eastern coast of the Caspian Sea I got in a heated debate over whose God was greater, and was told that some people in the mountains had learned how to become Gods. I decided that I would need to challenge them to a duel and set off to Guge, which is what is known now as western Tibet. There in the high altitude and starved for rations I could barely lift my sword and died in a hail of arrows. I reincarnated in the court of Yeshe-O and he considered me too violent and sent me off to live with a Ngagkpa to learn the ways of Nyingma Vajrayanna Buddhism. He was rather unsatisfied with their treatment of me, but let me finish my term with them. We once went on a pilgrimage to visit the Sakya monastary. Eventually I was conscripted to fight the muslims in my 20’s and died in battle.

As a muslim girl I was very quiet, and indeed continued meditating as I had learned from the Ngagkpa. My parents eventually sold me off to some young merchant, though I did not take well to being raped and scratched his face and began to run off in tattered clothed when he stoned me to death with a slingshot. He actually tried to get a refund after that.

Anyways I decided to explore more of China and had many incarnations there. Including one where I was a woman with children that also had an eatery where I served stir fry. When the great flotilla set sail from the south of China I joined them, and sank with them as well. After that I went back to incarnating in Europe as I had caught the sailing love. I was a dutch merchant, and then I was a poor british sailor that turned to piracy. The Christians were all fire and brimstones and said I was going to hell to be with demons, so we set sail for the edge of the map at the end of the war, and landed in Antarctica. I lost a few fingers to frost bite, before getting picked up by some grey extra terrestrials.

I joined the greys for several lifetimes. At first I was a miner to help me understand the karmic value of gems which I had been so fascinated with as a pirate. Then I was a genetic engineer to help me learn the value of life. Finally I was an abduction assistant and helped with soothing abductees. Eventually I was killed by a sniper while out on a mission in the soviet union, and reincarnated in what is now called Kyiv, Ukraine. It gave me a good taste of the famine and tyranny that characterize socialism. Once on vacation in Crimea met a spirit in the shape of a ball of light when I was 5. My parents moved with me to Canada when I was 5, that same summer. I was a fairly nervous child who had trouble fitting in, and when I was twelve my dad recommended that I learn to relax otherwise I would die young. So I looked it up online and discovered that meditation is good for relaxation. And then I found out that meditation can help one achieve enlightenment, so I decided might as well get that as well. So seven years later when I was 19 I lay down for a meditation and felt my body dissolve into light and veil between my body and soul dissipated and my past life memories and soul world awareness flooded into me. Took me a while to process it all. I wrote out what I wished to experience and God granted it all for me. Including a stable income, a wife of the description I desired, children, a house, etc. Anyhow so that brings us up to the present.

Hope you’ve had an entertaining read. In terms of plans and how the Age of Peace and Confederation of Planets fits in. My idea is that with the co-creation centres can be civilization seeds for the liberated robot civilizaitons, and eventually can boost some to Venus to seed Venus. In terms of the confederation of Planets during this lifetime I learned about them and have really enjoyed their works and teachings, and have applied it to my life as best as I could. Then one time I was seated and had a vision of a spirit coming up to me from the confederation of planets and putting on a pin on my left breast to confirm that I could address myself as a member of the confederation. In truth their teachings are what I’ve heard for countless lifetimes, since they are the normal, ordinary teachings of creation, so it is a breath of fresh, to hear them again. I also have fairly strong affinity with the Arcturians, and may have had some incarnations with them, also with various mamalian groups out of Lyra, Vega and Sirius. My spirit guide hails form Sirius B for instance. That said use your dicretion in receiving or reading anything, including communications from myself. As an imperfect incarnate being, who knows what may happen in the future. Technically speaking everything can and will happen since there are an infinite number of dimensions of possibility, time is an illusion and I am exactly but not quite what you expect me to be due to the inherent mystery of the universe combined with your free will, and the fact that you too are the one infinite creator co-creating your own experience.

I am very careful with aligning my thoughts, feelings, words and actions to be the best for all creation, and so only wish to praise good things, such as the commandments Jesus gave his followers, to forgive, love and be kind to one another, or the teachings of loving kindness meditations found in Buddhism, or the vast majority of the L/L Research archives and the Confederation of Planets teachings.

As you were when I met you, I say farewell to you glorifying in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth therefore, rejoicing in the Power and in the Peace of the One Infinite Creator.