We Are All One Being

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1 Introductory

I am Andrii. Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. The Age of Peace has come 1, and the first step to entering the New Eden, is forgiveness 2 , compassion3 and unconditional love4 for all beings 5. The vision of the New Eden is food forest communities 6 where all our needs can be met on site. With co-creation centres where can make anything one can imagine 7, the libraries of knowledge to do so 8 and the spiritual practices to extend our knowledge 9 .

Jesus said “A new commandment I give to you, that ye love one another; according as I did love you, that ye also love one another; in this shall all know that ye are my disciples, if ye may have love one to another.” (John 13:34-35).

2 Confederation of Planets

Q’uo: “Jesus was not a foolish man. He did not feel that all things were good. He felt that some things were sinful. However, he took it to a higher level in each and every case and said, “The past is past. Make a new beginning and you are completely and utterly forgiven.” Would that the voices that surrounded this entity had the same message. Much has been lost of the message because others immediately misunderstood it and felt, during the time that this entity was alive, that this entity should become a political figure and rule a country, a physical country, the country of the twelve tribes. This the one known as Jesus rejected out of hand. So if the one known as Jesus was offering information about the vibration of a social memory complex then the direction that the entities who wish to help form a social memory complex need to go is the direction of forgiveness and love. Forgiveness of enemies. Forgiveness of the self. And the willingness to make a new beginning. These seem finite qualities, but in the metaphysical world they are infinite. The freedom to expand and strengthen light is complete once the soul has pierced the veil of forgetting” LLResearch 2001/12/23 10

Hatonn: “We of the Confederation of Planets state that we are the same dimensional existence as this great teacher. Yet we do not claim right to his accomplishments, for we must acknowledge that the great teacher known as Jesus was the one of the greatest teachers whom you have encountered. And he is still present upon your planet, in the form of consciousness and residing over the spiritual vibrations which are channeled to the people of planet Earth. He is your assigned teacher, and we are his assigned helpers. This is our claim. Accept it if you will. But remember, my friends, the story we have told you of the love of the teacher Jesus: love, my friends, is what is important. With it, you may discern the truth. Know the love that you possess. Learn to understand this. And through the knowledge you shall find the capacity to channel the abilities contained within the love. At that time, my friends, once you have mastered the concept of love, my friends, once you understand this concept, then shall you not also be capable of achieving that which the great teacher Jesus demonstrated for us?”LLResearch 1975/12/21 11 12

Ra: “I am one of the members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation. This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third. It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies. It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One.” LawOfOne 6:24 13
12.3 Questioner: Is there any effort by the Confederation to stop the Orion chariots from arriving here?
Ra: Every effort is made to quarantine this planet. However, the network of guardians, much like any other pattern of patrols on whatever level, does not hinder each and every entity from penetrating quarantine. 1415

2.1 Armour of Light

Q’uo: “When preincarnative choice has given to you a difficulty, have faith that you are a spirit advanced enough to participate in your own destiny, that occurrences do not happen simply by chance, that the seeming poverty, the seeming limitation, the seeming difficulty, the seeming illness, is also a forthright aid in setting up a circumstance in which a lesson of love can be learned under adverse conditions. Yours is the last density with truly adverse conditions for the positive, or service-to-others oriented person. Only in this density, the density of choice, does this occur. Know then, that that which is in front of you is not more than you can work with, is not that which defeats; you would not program that for yourself. But you are stretching yourself, because you wish to change, you wish to become even more polarized in love and service to the Creator and others than you are now. There may be a lesson to learn, there may be a part of service that you chose that could not be achieved in any other way, given the uniqueness of your person, the uniqueness of your character. Consequently, there are illnesses, limitations and what seems to be a grinding and degrading poverty, that may be seen, only in a spiritual sense, as challenges, rather than difficulties; as chances to learn, rather than sentences of condemnation.” Q’uo LLResearch 1990/09/23 16

Latwii: “There are many, many hosts of those in the service of the infinite Creator. We ourselves are in the service of the infinite Creator and have formed a Confederation in order to do just what we are doing now: to speak to those who desire whatever knowledge we may have to share. These forces of light, of whom we count ourselves, an humble and unworthy number stand, as it has been said, in your Holy works, in the armor of light.

“We are given power first from the Creator Who is beyond light and darkness and from Whom we derive love. Secondly, from those upon your planet, who are praying, meditating and living to be loving, sincere, understanding and valuing the good and the beautiful. We face those of us on the physical, the etheric, and the forces which derive their substance from the belief and separation from the Creator and from each other.

“Unfortunately, many of your peoples, their tempers sharpened through many, many generations of wars and territorial arguments, contribute to the negative quality of the forces of darkness. Anger, intense frustration, and the negative emotions associated with greed and envy add also to the aid that the etheric thought forms that are forces of darkness may draw upon and so the battle plan stands arrayed.

“But whereas we have one Creator to guide us and one great truth to sustain us, the forces of darkness will always be scattered, for they do not trust one another but wish only to have power over one another as well as over all else. Therefore, as soon as enough of the people of your planet can stand behind us who are merely messengers of light, the battle gallantly joined will be over for this harvest and the harvest will be complete and those who stood in the light will avail themselves of that light.

“We feel very positive about the coming of this harvest, for it pleases us that many have turned to that light and to that love to seek understanding. Even as the world seems to polarize itself more and more to negativity and separation yet you will find more and more of those people whom you personally know beginning to seek in some form of spiritual truth the light and the love of the Father.

Thus this battle. Whatever occurs upon your plane has already been joined and it is fought with the heart and the minds and the spirits of mankind, not with their physical bodies. This is a great lesson to learn” LLResearch 1980/12/07 17

“awaken to the difficult manifestations of this illusion, and move into those patterns that are so painful with a stout heart and a full armor of light and love, and you shall do very simple things, and shall love, and shall not hear, and shall not be affected, and if necessary and possible, you shall walk away. One who seeks to control others deals with indifference quite poorly, and indeed becomes helpless before a persistent and continued indifference. As the storm rages about you, we urge you to gather to yourself your birthright, and to be who you really are, children of love, children of the one infinite Creator of all things. Love one another, my children. This is the greatest wisdom that we know.” LLResearch 1990/06/17 18 “The greatest wisdom that you shall ever learn in your density at this time is that you cannot know anything [for certain, so may as well love all].” L/L 1999/0321

2.2 Harvest

Matt 9:37 “then said Jesus to his disciples, ‘The harvest indeed [is] abundant, but the workmen few;”

“The central thrust of the metaphor of harvest for the one known as Jesus was that the fields were white with the crops, and all was ripe and ready to be harvested but that there were not enough workers for the harvest, and there was a call for those who followed this teacher to take up the honor and duty of attempting, each in her own way, to add to the possibility of awakening those blooming and ripened souls that are the pride and the product of 75,000 years of learning, so that they might make that last step over the line, from a faint-hearted will to serve the cause of love, to a passion and a fire to serve in a very focused and loving way for the good of the self those about the self and the planet itself.” LLResearch 2002/1127

Q’uo: “You ask what is the progress of the harvest for this planet and its population at this time, for many have been the predictions of this great event throughout the history of your planet. Indeed, the one known as Jesus the Christ said that there were those among his group that would see the harvest. The harvest is that which begins first in those minds and especially in those hearts that are prepared to welcome and enjoy the vibrations of love and understanding. Thus, there are many who have been able to harvest themselves into the fourth density positive over the last few thousand of your years, and they, at this time, are preparing to welcome their brothers and sisters of the greater population of planet earth that will be harvested at the, shall we say, striking of the hour, on the infinite clock of destiny.

“Your harvest is that which has begun. Those entities now passing from your illusion, through the door that you call death19 , are walking the steps of light to see if they have the ability to walk and enjoy the brighter light that is a significant portion of the fourth density experience. As these entities move into this light, they move as far as is possible without the light becoming too glaring. When it is too glaring to continue, they step aside, and notice whether they have passed the boundary, shall we say, of the third density into the fourth density. And those who have become as the gathering choir that sings the glorious “Hallelujah” to the One Creator welcome others who also pass through the doors of death only to be reborn into the love and light of the One in another illusion, a grander illusion more densely packed with light, with love, with understanding, with cooperation, with community, with a joint effort towards further seeking of the One Creator.” LLResearch 2016/02/06 20

2.3 Fourth Density

“those entities who have been able to welcome and enjoy fourth-density vibrations will find themselves upon a new Earth, with new capabilities of understanding. Each entity will be able to perceive the thoughts and the feelings and the vibratory level of each other being, so that there is a beginning blending of these vibrations in a manner which reveals self to other self as self. Thus each entity will begin to feel a kinship, shall we say, a beating of similar hearts, a walking of the same path, a seeking of the same service-to-others qualities that are existent within the self.

“As each entity, then, becomes more and more aware of the circle of other entities about it, and is able to absorb these entities’ conscious vibrations of selfhood, then there will become a new experience of what you call reality, or another illusion in which the light is more densely packed and reveals more information to each entity dwelling within this light-filled environment.” Q’uo LLResearch 2018/10/06 21

Quanta: “the grouping of entities which shall comprise the fourth-density social memory complex of entities will have access to that Akashic record of experience which has been collected throughout the history of this planetary experience to date. Thus, the social memory complex is the grouping of entities that has as its heritage the Akashic record, not only of this planetary influence but of those planetary influences which shall also contribute a portion of the population of the fourth-density social memory complex.” Quanta, LLResearch 1987/04/15 22

2.4 Dual-Activated

Q’uo: “Those with dual activated bodies have graduated and have come back. Just as the Elder Race, when it graduated, chose to return, so have you returned. You do not want to go on to the exciting and even thrilling prospect of fourth-density existence, with its greatly enhanced options for learning and for service, until you have done your utmost, not only to help others of the human tribe to move on into fourth density with you but also to restore and reconstitute the health of Gaia, of planet Earth, in her living form.

“For many of you in dual activated bodies there is a feeling of great and passionate desire to connect with the Earth and to love and be a good steward to the Earth. For there is that within your consciousness as a person and in your consciousness as part of a race of beings that you have, in the past, been part of the destruction of a planet, a continent, a city, or family. And that destruction has caused the Earth to grieve, to mourn, and to become disoriented.

“ By the time you leave this planet, the planet will know that it is loved. That is a very large factor in many of those who are dual activated and is their primary reason for being on the Earth at this time.

“Of course, because of the fact that you chose to come into third-density incarnation, you are always subject to the basic rules of this game. You need to polarize in this lifetime towards service to others to an extent that enables you once again to walk the steps of light and walk into a higher density.

“Otherwise, you shall simply move on with those still in third density at the end of this time to another third-density planet where you will continue to be of service and to gain in memory of who you are and why you are here, until such time as you once again get yourself on the right road, the road of your own deepest choosing, and then walk that walk, step by step, in great thanksgiving and joy, every day that you are privileged yet to be alive and breath the sweet air of [planet Earth].” LLResearch 2006/05/07 23

3 Basic Land

All people deserve enough land to grow their own food as a birth allowance.

International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) States in Article 1.2 “All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth ... In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.” 24

The ICESCR was signed and ratified by Canada in 197625

“poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, it is a violation of human dignity. ... It means ... not having the land on which to grow one’s food” UN ECOSOC 57/59 26

Let us help all that wish to, have enough land to grow their own food, firewood and shelter (About 1.2 hectares or 3 acres in Grey-Bruce).

4 Call To Action

Let us be kind and love one another. May your thoughts, feelings, words and actions align to be the best for all creation. May you meditate and learn the benevolent plan that One Infinite Creator has for you.

Perhaps forming community together, with food forests, co-creation centres and a recognition of the spark of God within every thought, feeling, word and action every rock, breeze, plant, animal, and spirit.

May you have forgiveness, health, wealth, community, liberty, purpose, unlimited love, joyful equanimity, and gratitude.

May you glorify in the Love and in the Light, and in the Power and in the Peace of the One Infinite Creator. May you be blessed. I am Andrii. 1being.org lyis.ca Adonai.