Christ’s Letters

compiled by Andrii Zvorygin ( )

1 Introduction

“Christ’s Letters” are a channeling of Jesus Christ, or as he prefers to be called Jeshua BenJoseph (Yeshua BenYosef). As with all conscious channelings there is some distortion as the channel’s input is often in holographic form, but the output is in words. So the best that could be hoped for is roughly 80% accuracy to the original source. Overall my impression is the books is about 60%-80% purity depending on section. You can download a copy at’s%20Letters_Articles_Messages%202007%202014%20Latest%20Edition%20August%202017.pdf That said the Christ’s Letters in general are of very high clarity, though as with all things, anything that doesn’t resonate just leave it be. The following is a collection of excerpts from the book ”Christ’s Letters”:

2 Lightning Flashes (Matt 24:27)

I prophesied, when on earth, that the time would come when I would return as ‘lightning flashes from east to west across the sky’. This was a graphic description of the way in which I am presently working. Perhaps, after the foregoing paragraph, you will accept the ‘lightning’ has struck worldwide in such a form as to reach those who are eagerly hoping for my return.

3 Disciples

My disciples and Paul built their own edifice of ‘sacred beliefs’ on what they wanted to preserve from my life and teachings. They only taught, and consolidated what they deemed to be valuable to people – Jews and Gentiles – alike – at that time and in the future. Consequently, they distilled what they could use and they ‘let go’ most of what I termed the ‘secrets of the Kingdom of God’ for they never understood them. Nor found them desirable in the creation of a new perception of the ‘Divine’ – the ‘Father’.

To preserve the Jewish belief in ‘salvation from punishment for sins’ by means of sacrifice in the Temple – the ‘person of Jesus’ was adopted as the ‘supreme’ sacrifice who had paid for men’s sins by my crucifixion.

This belief served many purposes at that time. ... It is only because my ‘name’ has been kept alive to this very day that I am now able to come to you and give you of the TRUTH I so dearly wanted to share with people over 2000 years ago.

4 Christ in the Desert

What I ’Saw’, Realized, Perceived When in the Desert I was lifted into another dimension of conscious perception, which enabled me to see the TRUTH concerning life and existence. I saw, lucidly and clearly, what was real and what was false in man’s thinking. I realised that this ‘Creative Power’ I was experiencing was infinite, eternal, universal, filling all space beyond sky, oceans, earth, and all living things. I saw IT was MIND POWER. IT was the CREATIVE POWER of MIND. There was no point where this ‘DIVINE CREATIVE POWER OF MIND’ was not. I realised that human mind was drawn from DIVINE CREATIVE MIND but was only a candle lit by the sun. ... Once we became truly ‘at one’, purified channels and instruments of the ‘Intelligent Creative Power’, we could gradually ascend in consciousness until we truly expressed through our minds and hearts the very ‘NATURE’ of the ‘Universal Creative Power’. Then ‘life on earth’ would indeed become a ‘state of heaven’ at all times and we would enter into a state of eternal life! ... To return to my final hours of enlightenment, – there I was in the desert, possessing the clear understanding that man himself – (through no fault of his own) creates the barrier to attunement to the ‘Father-Creative Power’, and now I was longing to hurry back and teach, heal, comfort, dry the tears of those I so greatly pitied.

5 Positive Thinking

”I also want to make it clear that many, many people believe that they can live fruitful and fulfilled lives by following the hundreds of various teachers of ‘positive thinking’. Changing your consciousness, they say, will change your lives. This is true to a limited extent, but for spiritually evolving seekers, such a change in consciousness still leaves a dryness of spirit and a yearning for something more. That ‘something more’ that the soul craves is the true contact and reunion with its SOURCE OF BEING. Whilst you may have drawn a certain amount of spiritual growth by following the path of perceiving only the good, the truthful and loving, you remain an entity functioning alone in your own earth-bound domain, unassisted by the eternal, infinite Universal. Once you realise the nature of the Universal and turn your thoughts to making true contact with It, you begin to realise you are no longer alone – you are supported by the Reality which supports the universe.”

6 Religious Leaders

Religious leaders, revere your congregations, because you do not know what spiritual insight and progress is taking place in the minds of those who may appear to be very humble and of no account socially. Religious leaders, cease your criticism of other religions because you do not know the heights of spiritual knowledge, insight and enlightenment their adherents may have attained. Religious leaders, realise that you, yourselves, are only as spiritually advanced as is your personal perception of Reality. If you have no perception of what lies beyond the veil of your material world - you may be religious, but you do not have a spiritual consciousness.

This is the true ideal, the true aspiration, the highest goal - to understand and experience the Reality behind and within all things giving them their individual being. You may call the Reality - God, Allah, Jehovah, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind or Divine Consciousness or the Tao. All these names mean the SOURCE of your BEING - your experience the Reality behind and within all things, - giving, maintaining and sustaining all individual being. This was the goal presented to you by every enlightened Teacher who has come to earth. They all shared the same vision, the same realisation and understanding. Such Teachers were held in high esteem, but few of their followers understood what they were being taught. Each man placed his own interpretation on the Teacher’s words. Each man’s interpretation arose out of his personal conditioning and bias.

In your personal lives, remember at all times, that your thoughts, words, deeds, not only have a bearing on your future life, but also affect the people with whom you are relating at any moment. What are you, employer or employee, personally contributing to the successful operation of the business in which you earn your daily bread, - be it factory, farm, shop or professional office? What are you giving to your employees or fellow workers in wellbeing and good feeling, what are you doing for the entire building? ‘For the building’? you may ask in amazement. But I repeat - what are you doing for your building, your vehicles, your entire business venture? Everything, bricks, mortar, steel, glass, paper, metal, tyres, engines and petrol, is permeated with the consciousness you exude as you go about your daily affairs. This is the reason why some people leave a trail of destruction behind them because they have an ill-humoured, irritable, critical, destructive consciousness and others keep their possessions intact and looking new for years because they appreciate and cherish them daily. Everything on your earth is the energy of consciousness made visible - be it in the form of ‘solid’ inanimate matter or living plasma. With your thoughts, you feed or destroy whatever is in your environment. What are you doing to your family, home, and environment? Are you grumbling, denigrating, destructive in thought towards your work and other people? Then rest assured, you are leavng a little trail of destructive consciousness behind you which will help erode all that it penetrates and imbues. If you focus on the desire to love, to accept, to work with gladness in your heart, then everywhere you go you are shedding a consciousness of strength, blessing and growth. When I was on earth in Palestine, I was dealing with Orthodox Jews who believed in and upheld codes of conduct so rigid they bordered on cruelty; their traditional laws were inhibiting, depressing, confining and ridiculous. I brought to these people a new vision of an eternal ‘Father’ which was both transcendant to themselves - and yet everywhere present - ever aware of their needs, and of such universal love that they could rest assured it was always the ‘Father’s Will’ to fulfill those needs. I told the people to look around them, look at the countryside, at the hills where sheep and goats grazed in peace, at the lakes filled with fish, and at the birds flying in the air and resting and nesting in trees, and the flowers so gorgeously clothed in many colours. I told them: ‘Look - understand what you are seeing. You are seeing a world where everything has its needs, and everything has those needs fulfilled. How can you doubt when you see the sheep living entirely on grass? What does the grass contain that it feeds fleece, bone, blood and flesh and produces young? Are you not witnessing a marvel of supply? Look at the needs of birds how wonderfully they are provided for. They have shelter in trees and seeds for strength. As for people who have their needs of housing, food and clothes, the ‘Father’ has given them the entire world from which to fulfill their needs.

7 Christ’s last days

”The pain and argumentativeness I had aroused in my disciples also affected me, deeply. It was no easy undertaking to go to Jerusalem where my fate awaited me. More than anything, I wondered how I would measure up to this great challenge of my endurance. Would I be able to transcend the physical condition and enter into Universal Father Consciousness and remain there until I died? At times, I was deeply frightened of the ordeal but I dare not reveal this fear to my disciples. Therefore, I began my last journey towards Jerusalem with powerfully mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was weary of healing and talking and teaching people who listened with open mouths and had no real understanding of anything I was trying to tell them. I had thought that my knowledge would enable people to climb out of their misery and, at the very least, make contact with the ‘Father’ and gain a glimpse of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. There had been no evidence of such a spiritual awakening, even amongst my disciples. My disappointment and sense of failure made me glad to be moving on from the earth life to the glorious existence I knew awaited me after my death. At the same time, I wondered how I would endure the pain of the crucifixion. Throughout my mission, I had lived in a more or less consistently peaceful – frequently exalted – state of mind, with my thoughts focused on the ‘Father Love Consciousness’, author of all being, knowing that I had but to ask and what I asked for would swiftly manifest itself. Would I be able to keep my equanimity when brought before the Council, when led out to my crucifixion, when nailed to the cross with my weight hanging from my hands? Because I was now giving way to doubts and fears, the normal level of my consciousness frequencies were dropping. They were taking me down into the frequencies of the earth plane consciousness. I became a prey again to my old aggression, prompting me to unreasonable actions I would never have contemplated earlier when in my former state of total harmony with the ‘Father Love Consciousness’. My doubts and conflicts externalised in my life as human emotions and impulses which contravened the Cosmic Law of Love. First, there was the episode of the Fig Tree. I was hungry and went to the tree not really expecting to find fruit because it was not the right season for figs. When my search was ‘unfruitful’, I cursed the fig tree. Twenty four hours later, it was shrivelled to its roots. It was a shocking experience. It was the first time my words had caused harm to anything. However, it clearly demonstrated, for my disciples, the power of THOUGHT for good or evil. It showed them that the more spiritually evolved a person is, the greater is the impact of their words on the environment. I took the opportunity to point out to my disciples that I had thoughtlessly behaved as does the average man or woman who – when having high expectations – cannot get what they want. They usually react with anger, tears, hostility, and even sharp words which might or might not amount to a kind of ‘ill-wishing’ or cursing of the person who has denied them their heart’s desire. They had now seen for themselves what my cursing had done to the fig tree. They should now be able to understand that whilst a strong conviction would bring about anything they might desire and imagine, they must also be constantly aware of their own mental-emotional condition. They must not harbour resentment against others but must swiftly forgive, otherwise they could do much damage to those they resented ... which damage would return to them, in due course, as a harvest of their sowing. Furthermore, as one sows so does one reap. I knew that what I had done to the fig tree would inevitably return to me in one form or another. I took my disciples to the Temple. It was many years since I had been there, and I knew my visit would serve to set in train the events which would lead to my crucifixion. Some of the people recognised me and in response to their requests, I began to teach them. More people gathered and crowded the money lenders who began to complain. Their shouting and loud complaints broke my train of thought as I was teaching. Suddenly my wrath was aroused. Here were people earnestly gathered around me, wanting to hear the words of LIFE which soon I would not be able to speak to them, and there were the money lenders who made their living by selling livestock for sacrifices which did the people no good whatever. These men only brought people into debt and misery. I felt a rush of blood to my head and I pushed the tables over, scattering their money, and I drove the money-hearted men out of the Temple. Now there was a great commotion of shouting and screaming. Some people were scrambling to pick up the money. The money lenders were calling down curses on my head, denouncing me as evil, as one doing the work of Beelzebub and a thousand other devils. The Priests and Pharisees and all the people who set great store by the sacrifices in the Temple, came running together to find out the cause of the noise and confusion. On hearing the money lenders’ story, they were so outraged by my actions, they launched into vociferous condemnation of me and lamentations to impress the Priests, each one making louder protest than their neighbours to demonstrate their horror at what I had done. Such a thing had never been seen in the Temple before. Even those who had previously listened to me were now disturbed at my wilfulness and wondered what kind of man I might be. They were standing close together, watching the proceedings, when they were noticed and approached by the Priests and Pharisees who persuaded them I was trying to destroy all they had believed in, preaching a false ‘God’ entirely unlike anything they had ever heard about in their synagogues. The Priests passed on their own outraged anger to the people and convinced them that my sin would contaminate them also if they persisted in listening to my madness. Gradually, the people were persuaded I was an evil influence and should be removed before I could disrupt the peace of the country and bring down the wrath of the Roman Governor on the entire country of Palestine. My disciples, ashamed of what I had done, quietly left the scene and hid amongst the alleys some way from the Temple. When they returned to me later, they clearly showed they were also sorely tried by my actions. They wondered whether I had taken leave of my senses, gone mad, prophesying my death and then doing those very things which would probably be the cause of it. It was at that time that Judas, who had never fully shed his Jewish beliefs, began to doubt whether I was the Messiah after all. Three years I had taught the people and there was no lessening of the Roman rule. Three years and people were no nearer the happiness I had promised them. And now it seemed that I was about to become a disturber of the peace – bringing down the wrath of Rome on their heads. He heard that the Jewish High Priest wanted to get rid of me and so he offered his services to identify my person when required to do so.

8 Christ’s Way

The Christ Way is the WAY which I, personally followed and lived after full enlightenment in the desert – enlightenment which enabled me to return to Nazareth and embark on a new life of healing, teaching and control of the elements. Because my teaching was in direct opposition to Judaic teaching of retribution, and a vengeful Jehovah, I was eventually crucified. Any other explanation of my crucifixion is spurious and wholly untrue.