Loving Kindness Meditation

Andrii Zvorygin

1 Introduction

I greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. The Age of Peace has come and the first step to entering the New Age Sylvan timeline is activating the heart chakra which feels like forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and motivates one to be of service to others.

One of th easiest ways to be both activate the heart chakra and be of service to all creation, is via this loving kindness meditation. Where you will be casting blessings on oneself, and helping them come to fruition through visualization, as thoughts become things.

Loving kindness meditation helps heal self-concept, relationships, subconscious racism among many other benefits. Studies have shown that loving kindness meditation increases positive emotions, empathy, reduces self-criticism and possibly lengthens life expectancy (source).

Here is the main sequence of the loving kindness meditation. After thinking a statement, spend a few minutes visualizing the concept coming to fruition for each of the following:

May I forgive myself. May I have wholeness. May I have health. May I have wealth. May I have community. May I have liberty. May I have purpose. May I have unconditional love. May I have fundamental wellbeing. May I have gratiude.

In subsequent sections will elaborate on the above sections.

2 Meditation Basics

Meditation is categorized into 5 distinct subgroupings depending on the brain wave frequency associated with it. Normal waking consciousness is Beta brainwave ( 16-32hz). The most common styles of meditation where one focuses on an object are Alpha brainwave ( 8-16hz). A little deeper than that can access one’s ”subconscious mind” or access the Holy Spirit (One Infinite Creator), in Theta brainwave ( 4-8hz). At the deepest layer ( 0-4hz) can access the primoridal emptiness from which Creation sprang, and which makes up the greater majority of our experience (atoms consist mostly of empty space), also great for deep healing. Then above all of those is Gamma brainwave (32-64hz), which is the realm of loving kindness, compassion, tong len, and laughter meditations.

In terms of posture, an ideal often expressed is the lotus seated position with a straight spine, but anything approximating it which you find comfortable is acceptable. The main thing is that it is a posture where your spine is relatively straight, and you can maintain this posture in relative comfort throughout the meditation.

While there are thousands of varieties of each, here are but a few options:

If you wish to connect with an entity, then if you are on the STO (service-to-others) path make sure to ask if they come in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator/Jesus or other way of making sure they are in alignment with your chosen path. Also note that mostly only STS (service-to-self) entities provide ‘proof’ and-or unusual powers, as in the first instance it may infringe on free will of those who wish to disbelieve, and in the second may lead to elitism.

Notably some STS worship leaders in a bid to control their flock discourage seeking within for answers – as they wish to have a monopoly, or prefer submitting to an STS hierarchy. It is useful in these instances to remember that Jesus specifically said that the (third) eye was the lamp of the body (Matt 6:22), and that speaking against information of the spirit “shall not be forgiven” (Matt 12:31-32, Mark 3:29). From my understanding this is because on the STO path one must access God within via meditation, since STO worlds are generally without much hierarchy, instead everyone seeks guidance from the God within on a regular basis, and recognizes all other selves as manifestations of one infinite creator.

A good way of connecting with an entity is reading a book of channelings by those entities, for example LLResearch has a treasure trove of channelings by the Confederation of Planets, but Arcturians and any group which is resonant with you would work also.

If you’d like to explore more about regular focusing meditations and such, and to get the brainwave entrainment tracks, there are plenty available all over the internet.

In the rest of the article we will look at the loving kindness meditation which was in the introduction.

3 People

Notably for this practce, people or persons includes but is not limited to all human, animal, plant, mineral, spiritual and extra terrestrial life forms.

3.1 Self

This refers to the aspect of your mind that experiences selfhood. Some people have a story in their mind about their body and its life experience, which they regard as the ‘self’. The pronoun used for it is ‘I’.

This story may also include past life experiences and real or imagined self descriptors. Some people cast themselves as a hero or a villian, or another character. It is important to forgive and be compassionate to the character you have co-created as it will help you on your journey to being forgiving and compassionate to others.

In more general terms the self is the focal point of experience as you are experiencing it, generally via the host body senses.

It is important to be kind to the host body, since if its basic needs are met then it can be more easily be used to be of service to others.

3.2 Close one

A close one may be a parent, spouse, child or friend. If no one jumps to mind then can select the person who has been kindest to you in your life, or whom you have least animosity towards. Notably it does not have to be a homo-sapien, for example it could be a pet animal, plant, mineral or spiritual life form.

When you repeat the meditation you can select the same close person or another one, for example if you have multiple family members or confidants.

3.3 Stranger

This is a person you do not know very well. It could be just someone you saw walking by on the street, a cashier, clerk or other person you have had limited interactions with.

Some people like to stick to the same stranger for several sessions, so they can develop fairly strong compassionate feelings towards them, and then they move onto another stranger.

In a vipassana variation of this while walking, you practice cultivating and sending the compassionat feelings and blessings towards various people you pass by.

Evolutionary biology indicates that homo sapiens are predisposed to subconscious discrimination towards people who look different, either due to class, race or speech differences. So it may be easiest for one to start with familiar looking strangers, and progress to more different looking strangers. Eventually you should be able train this compassionate muscle so that you can send compassionate blessings to all homo sapiens quite easily.

If you are walking down the street and find yourself needing to look away from homeless people, or getting unpleasant stirrings due to seeing someone of a different race, then you certainly have more opportunities for this practice.

You can in the course of your practice also include extra-terrestrial, animal, plant, mineral and spiritual life forms.

3.4 Complicated person

This is generally a person to whom you may have some animosity towards, sometimes refered to as ‘enemy’, though may simply be someone you have conflicting feelings towards.

Depending on the severity of the emotions you experience, you may wish to start someone you find relatively easy to send compassionate feelings and blessing towards, and then work your way up towards more complicated individuals.

If you aren’t aware of anyone you have complicated feelings towards in your personal life, then for many it works to branch out to politicians and criminals, perhaps Hitler, Stalin, Mao or ‘pedophile plutocrats’ and then possibly can move on to fictional or spiritual forces such as ‘the devil’ or ‘evil robots/AI’.

A useful practice for increasing compassion towards these complicated people is to “walk in their shoes” by astrally projecting into the time and place of their existence, and experiencing life from within their bodies. It will help answer such questions as “why did I do this?” and “what underlying injuries led me to act out the way I did?”. Notice that here you are identifying as the complicated person, as we are all one being. This may be too advanced for some people, and they may wish to have a greater distance during these observations until they are more developed and secure in their own compassionate nature. After this practice leave whatever unfortunate qualities there may have been with the other person, and it may be appropriate to do a cleansing ritual of some kind.

Remember that having compassion towards someone is not the same as condoning or approving of their behaviour. It is more similar to diagnosing the root of the issue, and helping to heal that issue within yourself and help avoid the rearising of the circumstances which breed such behaviour.

It is also recognizing that we are all infinite co-creators, and ultimately one being. We are all fundamentally good and it is generally a lack of basic needs being met which leads to behaviour which hurts others. So we bless our complicated feelings with having their basic needs met, so they may have a more harmonious and joyous experience, as well as behaving in a more co-operative and beneficial way.

3.5 All beings

This one is rather broad containing all physical and spiritual entities within all of creation. When going so broad it is important to have the understanding that all of these wishes depend purely on consent. If someone does not wish to have the blessings manifest for them, then they wont, but if they do, then we helped at least that tiny bit.

If you like can narrow this one down to all people on Earth. Imagine a world where all the blessings are manifest in co-creative co-operation.

4 Qualities

4.1 Forgiveness

This may be a particularly tough one for some. A particularly effective strategy is following these five steps to resolving guilt:

  1. Remember what triggered you to misbehave.
  2. Imagine the trigger re-arising in the future.
  3. Imagine yourself reacting to it with compassion.
  4. Commit to acting with compassion next time.
  5. You have learned your lesson so release the guilt by forgiving yourself.

And remember that all awakened beings (such as Jesus, Buddha and myraid others), have already forgiven you, and indeed never blamed you.

Healing the guilt within ourselves is critical because with enough self analysis you will releaize that all resentment you may hold towards others is a result of some resentment you are holding against yourself which you have not forgiven.

4.2 Wholeness

This is a very important one, and something granted to all beings as a birth right on the soul level. However on Earth the identity of wholeness has to do with the body, where the situation may become more complicated.

When people feel unsafe/unwhole, they may experience fear, which could lead to anger and hurting others, likely bringing about the very scenario which they feared in the first place.

When blessing yourself or others with wholeness, can be grateful for the wholeness you and they already have, and thus with gratitude helping them grow. Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

When there is separation between you and other people, this also causes pain, separation especially of the emotional nature, where there may be anger or resentment, that kind of feeling can be healed, so that it melts away, and can be one being again, in unity, experiencing Wholeness.

For simplicity wholeness can also be used as a synonym for shelter.

One could imagine the person happily sitting in their strong and sturdy home, which for me generally means a semi-subteranean home nestled within a food forest and covered in various edible or useful shrubs.

4.3 Health

For a host body to function appropriately it needs to be healthy, which includes clean water, nutritious food, adequate shelter and opportunities to exercise.

One could imagine the person enjoying hiking and-or swimming demonstrating a high level of full body health.

4.4 Wealth

Wealth or prosperity in this context means to have sufficient resources to meet all basic needs and to participate in the community.

One could imagine the person walking out of their home into a food forest briming with fresh fruits, leaves and tubers enough to sustain them, a clean source of water, and co-creation centre where anything that can be imagined can be produced on site.

4.5 Community

One could imagine that the aforemention food forest has a group of people living in it, who all work together in maintaining it and co-creating greater wealth, happiness and abundance for all.

4.6 Liberty

One could imagine the person being free to move from their food forest, or go on a nomadic journey around the world while still having all their basic needs met.

4.7 Unconditional Love

This is related to the forgiveness of earlier, and the simple translation is that if someone makes a mistake then they will get help, so they can learn how to do it better next time.

For example in some African tribes there is a process wherin if someone commits a crime, they are placed in the center of the village, and all the villagers gather round in a circle. Then one by one each of them says something good about the person standing in the centre, to remind them of what good qualities they have, and what the other villgers expect of them.

One could imagine the person sitting or laying in the middle of a circle of their community, with everyone sending them compassion and-or healing energies.

4.8 Fundamental Wellbeing

There is a book ”The Finders” by Jeffery A. Martin about people of various faiths who have achieved fundamental wellbeing, some faiths call it inner peace, or nirvana, or receiving Christ into the heart. He classified 4 subtypes:

He said there were other levels as well, and that advanced people can bounce around the various states in order to achieve optimal working configuration in a variety of situations.

4.9 Gratitude

Gratitude is the open door to abundance. It calls us to be vulnerable, in expressing what we love about our lives to One Infinite Creator, so that it may multiply, or be as it is, bathed in the light of the gratitude of the One Infinite Creator through you.

5 Call to Action

While even just doing this meditation and accompanying visualizations will help to manifest the New Age Sylvan Timeline, there is more that you can do for yourself and others.

Do the loving kindness meditation, and let your heart chakra activate, with the third eye one can see it as having a green coloration. As you get more experienced you will do more advanced forms of loving kindness meditation, such as tonglen, and tapping into the Earth energies. Earth or Gaia is one of the children of One Infinite Creator, and as such, a viable source of the One Infinite Creator’s energies.

Then you will be able to be of service to Gaia, as indeed in Genesis, Elohim creates Man to serve the ground.

This can be understood as establishing a diverse polyculture food forest eco-system, co-creating a place of loving kindness an Eden like place. We are all infinite co-creators of our own experience.

If you’d like to apply to get some basic land (1+ hecatares) in your area, so that you can co-create a food forest homestead, with like minded service to others oriented people, you can sign up with us here: https://mautic.1being.org/basic-land-signup

Now it is time for gratitude
Glorifying in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator.
Rejoicing in the Powerful Peace of the One Infinite Creator.
Many names (God, Allah, Adonai, Gitche Manitou, Creation) One Infinite Creator.