Would you like to live in a world of people with open hearts who are kind and help each other? It starts with the self, and is a journey of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. (if you need a quick fix, check out the feardemic exemption, or exemption booklet here (txt) (pdf)).
If you have a skeptical or sectarian worldview then start here.

True and false are relative notions. Reality is dependent on what a group of beings believe. Science has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that we live in an open system, meaning that effectively we are all one being, and one type of substance. Since you are conscious, that substance is mind. And rocks, wind, plants, animals, and everything down to a proton is provably conscious by Integrated Information Theory (IIT). The same applies to sub atomic particles, so fundamentally everything is Light (awareness) bound by Love (Law of One Lo1 15:22), E=mc^2 (light = mass times the speed of light. thus if you break the bonds of love that hold light together, then you release the light contained therein. We have a limitless source of energy and that which binds in our hearts from one infinite creator, we can be kind to each other, there is enough love and light for all.

Invocation of the Age of Peace (New Age Sylvan Timeline)

Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. The Age of Peace has come and the first step to entering the new paradise (New Age Sylvan Timeline) is to open the heart centre which feels like forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love for all beings which helps one love others more than self becoming Service To Others (STO).

The vision of the New Paradise is food forest communities where all your needs can be met on site, with co creation centres where can make anything that you can imagine.

Jesus called it the right hand path (Matt 25:43-40). Dolores Cannon put thousands of people into trances accessing their subconscious or the Holy Spirit within them uncovering much knowledge and found we have many souls that have come to Earth to help transition us to this Age of Peace (New Earth). Ra (a group of souls from Venus) and the Confederation of Planets mention that we are transitioning into 4th density, the density of Love and Understanding (link). Scientists have future progressed thousands of people into the 2100-2500AD time frame and found an optimal timeline with longest life expectancies and subjective ratings of wellness they refer to as the “New Age Sylvan Timeline” (Mass Dreams).

Jesus said the commands upon which all laws hinge are to love God with all our understanding and thus love our neighbours as ourselves (Matt 22:36-40, Mar 12:28-33), also that we are to forgive others (Matt 6:14-15) Love everyone and send them blessings (Matt 5:43-48) — which is known as loving kindness meditation.

The Left Hand Path (Matt 25:40-46) or Service-To-Self (STS) try to control people with fear and anger (Lo1 46:9). The undecided are asleep, or still deciding. The Right Hand Path (Matt 25:34-40) or Service-To-Others (STO) use forgiveness and compassion to accept, love and understand all beings as one infinity (Lo1 46:9). The undecided will continue to repeat the third density cycle where they may be loved or hurt seemingly at random since they are surrounded by other undecided people until they themselves follow through with a decision to graduate. To graduate STS: 95%+ of one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions must be self-serving (Lo1 17:32) and they must activate and maintain their intuition, and have a completely closed/cold heart. To graduate STO: one must activate and maintain their heart open, and 51%+ of one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions must be of the nature of serving others (Lo1 17:33) (inspired by the Love and Light of One Infinite Creator radiating from heart) in STO path one can activate any chakra (including intuition) so long as they maintain heart activation.

Note that in the Milky Way galaxy about 90% of polarized planets are service-to-others oriented, and 10% of planets are service to self oriented (Lo1 65.13). The Earth is already set on the service-to-others path, while we are still transitioning into 4th density and people can still polarize service-to-self or remain undecided at this time within several centuries all people on the planet will be service-to-others oriented — the others will have reincarnation opportunities in areas more conducive to their vibration.
Absolutely all of them agree that the most critical component is heart activation to open and maintain activation of the heart can practice loving kindness meditation.

One of the optimal timelines which derives from the New Age Sylvan that I am aware of sees us successfully co-creating soul operated robot host bodies and colonizing Venus and Mercury, eventually we reach a level of technology such that we are able to move the Earth to other solar systems when this one runs out of sun, and the Earth as we know it continues it’s existence for over a trillion years as it has a rich heritage as a starting point of a benevolent society which includes many different host body substrates.

Christ said we are healed through faith: Matthew 15:28 “then answering, Jesus said to her, `O woman, great thy faith, let it be to thee as thou wilt;’ and her daughter was healed from that hour.”

Myriad sources indicate that the mind is the most important element of health, as people can literally kill themselves with fear(source) or heal from traumatic injuries thought irreparable through love of life. For more sources see here.

If you find yourself experiencing unpleasant emotions of fear and-or anger (they are bad for health (link)), then it is a sign that you have an opportunity for a self-compassion meditation to help yourself feel better, so that you can re-connect with your higher cognitive function and respond with forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness and acceptance (Lo1 46.9). After you have practice with this compassionate practice towards yourself, you’ll be able to be compassionate to people who may express fear and-or anger towards you, and also help them feel better and respond with loving kindness.

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For spiritual immunization and to find out how to overcome seven hurdles of loving kindness for all beings and more about the new age sylvan timeline, click here.